Games are won and decided in the trenches.

Here are the top-rated offensive linemen in Madden NFL 17.



#1 Joe Thomas LT – 97 Overall


Madden 17 Player Portrait-Joe Thomas

 Thomas is a bright spot for the Browns headed into the 2016 NFL season. With 98 pass block and 93 run block he is the premier left tackle in the game.

#2 Tyron Smith LT- 97 Overall


 Madden 17 Player Portrait-Tyron SmithWith 72 speed, Smith is one of the fastest offensive linemen in Madden NFL 17.  He is the leader of the talented Dallas Cowboy’s offensive unit and with 98 run blocking and 97 pass blocking he will dominate games from start to finish.

 #3 MARSHAL YANDA RG-97 Overall


Madden 17 Player Portrait-Marshal Yanda

Yanda is the  highest OVR rated guard in Madden NFL 17.  His 93 strength, 98 run blocking and 96 pass blocking will make him a key to the Ravens’ offensive success this season.



 Madden 17 Player Portrait-Andrew Whitworth

Whitworth is the Bengals anchor on the offensive line and will set the tone for their offense. He brings balance to the Bengals’ front five with 93 strength, 94 run blocking and 95 pass blocking.

 #5 Zack Martin RG- 92 Overall


Madden 17 Player Portrait-Zack Martin

The Cowboys look to grind out games by dominating the line of scrimmage with young talented offensive linemen. Martin plays alongside Tyron Smith and helps protect one of the leagues best quarterbacks in Tony Romo.

 #6 Trent Williams LT – 92 Overall

88 Rbk- 95 Pbk-83 IBK-92 STR

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Trent Williams

With 75 speed and 81 acceleration Williams will play great in space. Utilize his speed and quickness by calling stretch running plays as well as roll out play action passing plays.

 #7 Terron Armstead LT-92 Overall

95PBK -93 RBK-88 IBK

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Terron Armstead

Armstead is the leagues fastest offensive linemen with 80 speed. He will play best while protecting star quarterback Drew Brees with his 95 pass blocking.

 #8 TRAVIS FREDERICK C- 91 Overall

96 RBK -86 PBK-99 IBK-90 STR

Madden 17 Player Portrait-Travis Frederick

Frederick is the only center to make this list and the 3rd Dallas Cowboy offensive linemen in the top 10. Focus your run game towards Frederick as his 96 run blocking will help you dominate opposing defenses.

 #9 T.J. Lang RG-91 Overall

91 RBK-94 PBK-83 IBK-86 STR

Madden 17 Player Portrait-T.J. Lang

Lang brings a physicality presence to the Packers offensive line and is a well rounded big man. With 91 run blocking and 94 pass blocking he will be a leader for this unit. His 86 strength will allow him to establish himself as a power first player for the Packers.

#10 Josh Sitton LG-91 Overall

88 RBK -96 PBK-84 IBK-91 STR

 Madden 17 Player Portrait-Josh Sitton

The second Packer in the top 10, Sitton plays alongside Lang as the opposing guard and brings 91 strength, 88 run block, and 96 pass blocking which ranks 3rd best in the game.

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