Here are the Season 1 week 4 Power Rankings in the WCMPL Pro League . Ranking are updated every Monday morning, and will change as the season progresses. We have a few new faces in the top 10, the question is will these guys be able to maintain the newly found success?

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Chiefs Skunk  3-0 Has been dominant in every Madden Underground Ground League. His Chiefs are a force to look out for this season. Only time will tell if he can hold on to his number 1 spot.
2. Bengals Dangerous 3-0 Dangerous has to be one of the most under rated players in the League. His Bengals currently sit at 3-0.
 3. Giants Cal Bear 3-0 Cal Bear is Back. After deeming everyone in his division as trash expect the league to be gunning for his Giants. The thing people fail to realize about Cal Bear he is the fast adjusting player in the league, this quality alone makes him a huge problem.  This week the Giants Face off with the Bucs in a WCMPL Power House match up.
 4. Bills Assassin 3-0 Assassin has his Bills rolling, off to a 3-0 start Assassin appears to be in mid season form. The wins are never pretty but he get’s the job done.
 5. Bucs CJack  3-0 CJack said early he is going to win a Bowl this year. He is on pace to make a run. 3-0 is an amazing start for the once Madden Nation Star. This he is set to face off with the # 3 Giants.
 6. Cardinals Ryan Jerome 3-0 Let’s Be honest no one expected much from Ryan Jerome and his Cards. The crazy thing is he is really playing well and has a vast understanding for the game. On pace to earn his first WCMPL NFC West Title.
 7. Browns Zilla 3-0 Talk about under the radar… Zilla and his Browns are by far the most non relevant but relevant team. This week he will be facing off with the #2 ranked Bengals in what can be a statement game for the Browns. Win and prove you belong among the elite, lose prove you are what we thought you were .
 8. Jets Va Dimes  2-1 The Jets are right where they want to be 1 game behind the division leading Bills. This week will be huge.
 9. Chargers Squeak 2-1 Chargers are off to a great start. Squeak has been quiet but most storms are.  Expect Squeak to bounce back from last weeks loss this week.
 10. Texans Fat boi Barker 3-1 Texans Look ready . 3-1 start is major for Barker and his Texans. Mobility at the qb position opens up the play book for the Texans.
 11. Falcons MF GOlfer 2-1 Only a matter of time before he has the #1 passing offense in the league big match up vs Va Assassin this week.
 12. Raiders Zave 2-1 Raiders should be 3-0 . Some times it take a loss to wake you up.
 13. Steelers Andres Acosta 2-1 Steelers are just getting warmed up.
 14. Saints Saints 2-1 Tsims use to be a house hold name. 2-1 start has his saints off to a good start.
 15. Titans Brian James  2-2 Sorting every thing out .
 16. Sea Hawks Lethal 2-1 1 game behind the cards in the NFC West. Lethal has the necessary pieces on this team to win.
 17. Bears rooster 1-2 Back from vacation and ready to make moves.
 18. Ravens Silk  1-2 The Ravens are clearly struggling to settle down within a scheme.
 19 Eagles Wes  1-2 What you doing Wes ? The Eagles are off to a terrible start. Time to lock in and focus game are beginning to matter more as season progresses.
 20. Redskins Dnice 1-2 Redskins are sorting things out but clearly throwing interceptions in the process. May be tie to find a run game.
 21. 49ers Tdot  1-2 49ers are currently rebuilding.
 22. Colts Trey 4 life 1-2 The Colts are clearly adapting as a team.  —
 23.  Rams Biggm James  1-2 Rams need to get the run game going to take pressure off the Qb to avoid turnovers.
 24. Panthers Blaze 1-2  Finally got a win time to build on the last victory.
 25 Cowboys Xman  1-2 Disappointing start for the cowboys.
 26. Lions Philly guy 0-3 Back From Vacation expect Lions to make a run.
 27. Jaguars Thizzney Land  0-3 Jags have gone back to the drawing board expect and upset in the up coming weeks.
 28. Packers Cody  0-3 Searching for answers.
 29. Broncos DR Mess 0-3 If the Broncos focus in they have the talent to make a run.
 30 Dolphins Farriot  0-3 Old habits die hard. Time for a scheme change.
 31. Vikings Tommie


0-3 Time focus in and get  a victory.
 32. Patriots Tlew  0-3 Hard to say what’s going on in New England. May be over analyzing the reads. This team can’t stop a nose bleed.


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