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Here are the Season 1 week 4 Power Rankings in the Madden Underground Sim League . Rankings are updated every Monday morning, and will change as the season progresses. We have a few new faces in the top 10, the question is will these guys be able to maintain the newly found success.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Vikings Skunk  3-0 In 3 games Skunk and his Vikings have put up a whopping 75 points and only allowed 14. He is no doubt #1.
2. Eagles Black Magnate 3-0 The Eagles and Black Magnate have made a splash by smacking every one they face off with. The Eagles are looking the Dominant team the NFC East.
 3. Raiders Da Mobb 3-0 The Raiders are looking to be legit. A Solid Defense and great smart offensive play have paid off.
 4. Ravens Va Dimes 3-0 Dimes has the Ravens Clicking. 3-0 has set the tone in the AFC North. Expect him to fight for that #1 spot in the near future.
 5. 49ers DayDay  3-0 After a win over the Rams last week the 49ers have become the front runner in the NFC West. Expect the 9ers to kick it up a notch this week.
 6. Packers Obuc Spartacus 3-0 The packers are tough, and the  team we predict to win this division.
 7. Texans Double J 3-0 The Texans have put together some solid showings. It’s still early but we predict The Texans will hold this division lead for most of the season given how bad this division is .
 8. Bills Dinero Reef  3-0 Quietly separating from the pack in this division. Keep and eye on the Bills moving forward.
 9. Broncos Jhall 2-1 J Hall told us this week ” This League is too Easy ” This Week his Broncos Faces the 3-0 Raiders we will see how Easy it is when they face off . This will clearly be a statement game for the Broncos.
 10. Cards Jigga  2-1 The Cards could have very well be at the top of this list. Will be attending the Monday night game and missed the last game.
 11. Chiefs Farriot 2-1 The Chiefs Are on to something . Slowly progressing and developing as a team. The AFC West should be real interesting later this season.
 12. Rams Brian James 2-1 In a tight division Race. NFC West going to be a division to watching week after week.
 13. Cowboys Shock 2-1 Shock is a die hard Cowboy fan so each game means something. Expect Shock and the Cowboys to fight week in and week out.
 14. Jets Phillyguys 1-2 Philly is Back !  and ready to kick some heads in.
 15. Giants Wesley Snypz  1-2 Giants are off to a ugly start … a lot of season left pull it together Gmen.
 16. Chargers Batman  1-2 The Chargers are in the middle of the pack. A win this week could be huge.
 17. Steelers Raider x pride 1-2 Time to fight. Steelers are a top rated team focus time to lock in and turn things around.
 18. Browns Greg Fletch  1-2 We Expect the the Browns to defeat the 0-3 Bengals and move to 2-2
 19 Patriots Wes  1-2 This Patriots are one of the best teams in the game no excuses.
 20. Lions Rawpapers247 1-2 Lions have a lot of work to do. Facing the 3-0 vikings this week an upset could turn things around.
 21. Titans IDonkey  1-2 Titan Up !  No 4 Real Titan UP
 22. Falcons Biggm


1-2 Falcons facing off with the Undefeated Bills this week. Make it count and win could be major.  —
 23.  Saints Thizzney Land  1-2 A big Win vs a division opponent last week.  A Win over the struggling Dolphins could help moral.
 24. Dolphins Black Assassin 1-2 A win this week put’s you right back in the the thick of things in the AFC East. Dolphins should be focused. A break from 2k may result in a win.
 25 Bucs El Seeger  1-2 Seeger and the Bucs are still in the mix.
 26. Seahawks JuanG 1-2 Seahawks have been distracted but expect them to be on point this week.
 27. Bears Spaztic Rooser  1-2 Spaz has been out of town. Bears should be a force this week.
 28. Jaguars TDot  0-3 Not surprised at all., lack of preparation has severely handicapped this team.
 29. Broncos Bubba Keith 0-3 Big Match up against the Browns this week/. A Victory should build confidence .
 30 Panthers Wil Temple  0-3 Allowing 107 points in the 3 games is never a good thing. Time t find some defense
 31. Colts Zilla 0-3 The Colts are a work in progress.
 32. Redskins Blaze 0-3 The Redskins have only scored 18 points in the 3 games and allowed 82. Kinda looking like a dumpster fire right now.


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