Get new Team of the Week (TOTW) editions of the best weekly performers in Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). Collect TOTW Player Items from Packs that feature attributes and overall ratings (OVR) boosted above regular Base Set editions.

JJ Watt

Hero – Wildcard: For the first time in his NFL career, J.J. Watt lined up at running back.

Ryan Shazier

Hero – Wildcard: 13 total tackles, 2 tackles for a loss, 2 pass break ups, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 recovered fumble.

Rey Maualuga

Wildcard: 10 tackles with 8 of them resulted in a 1 yard gain or less.

Davonte Adams

Wildcard: Caught 100% of all passes thrown his way for 48 yards including a key 10 yard TD catch at end of the first half.

Mike Neal

Wildcard: 3 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 sacks, 3 QB hits, and 1 recovered fumble.

Trae Waynes

Wildcard: In only 19 snaps, Waynes was targeted 4 times but allowed only 1 catch for 8 yards and intercepted Russell Wilson.

Chris Thompson

Wildcard: 8 catches on 8 targets for 89 ytards plus 1 rush for 25 yards (114 total yards).

John Simon

Wildcard: 8 tackles, 5 tackles that resulted in no gain or a loss, and allowed only 2 catches in his zone.

Antwon Blake

Wildcard: Allowed an incredible 0.0 QB Rating in his zone, allowing only 1 catch for 7 yards in 63 snaps and 1 interception.

Knile Davis

Wildcard: Took the NFL Playoffs opening kickoff 106 yards to the end zone.


You can add four of the TOTW Gold Player Items from Packs to earn one of the TOTW Gold Player Items you’ll need for the Hero set.


Each week, you can win the TOTW Solo Challenge to earn a TOTW Master Collectible Item. Add 20 of these Items to the TOTW Master Set to earn 50,000 Coins and a rare Team of the Year Elite Player Item.

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