The Madden Classic Starts on Thursday December  1st and EA gave Madden 17 a quick face lift for the bright lights check out the changes below.

• Addressed some RAC catch animations that were incorrectly triggering drops in certain situations.

• Addressed certain situations where Ice the Kicker was not triggering even though conditions were met.

• Fixed issue where catching a missed field goal in the end zone caused the position of the ball and the direction of play from the field goal play to be used in the play following the turnover.

• Addressed certain instances of defenders travelling across the field when the defensive play is flipped, instead of switching assignments.

• Fixed issue where receivers were getting a speed boost by timing the snap with motioning.

• Fixed several fatigue issues related to weather/temperature penalties for the Away team.

• Fixed an issue where using the give up mechanic after recovering a fumble would cause the player to fumble again.

• Fixed an issue where users could consistently place the ball in the coffin corner on a kickoff with an inaccurate kick.

• Fixed an issue in 3-4 Under where safety was taking himself out of the play vs. outside runs.

• Fixed a rare issue where the QB would pass the ball backwards when attempting to throw while crossing the LOS.

• Fixed an issue where user could ice their own kicker when calling a time out during a field goal attempt.

• Fixed an issue where a successful fake FG run would result in the player being called out of bounds.

• Fixed an issue where player icons were displaying ‘grey’ color for fatigue on the play call screen.

• Fixed an issue where the ball would rarely hit the FB when running HB Lead toss out of I Form Tight.

• Fixed an issue where the wind direction arrow was backwards in CFM.

• Fixed an issue where increasing the fumble slider was not causing more fumbles.

• Fixed an issue where Defenders were not always being credited with a Sack and Forced fumble in the Stats screen when causing a sack-fumble. Madden Ultimate Team

• Added MUT Head-to-Head Seasons.

• Added Super Bowl presentation to appropriate MUT Head-to-Head games.

• Added the ability to give rewards after each MUT Head-to-Head game rather than waiting until the Event is over.

• Added additional logic to tell how many items you have available to add to a particular set. Commentary

• New lines and logic added for post PAT scenarios. This is previously a spot in the game where we had no commentary.

• New/additional names added for RB’s, QB’s,Kickers/Punters, and WR’s.

• New postplay analysis from the team for various different situations.

• Refreshed common touchdown analysis lines, and added additional logic and lines to fire new situational commentary.

• Hundreds of new lines added to Play the Moment to provide more variety during return to game scenarios.

• Legends names added.

• Numerous tuning changes based on common line telemetry. Stability

• Various stability fixes in all modes including Franchise and Madden Ultimate Team.

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