The Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Legends program commemorates the outstanding careers of some of the NFL’s greatest athletes.

Each Saturday, you can find five Collectible Items that are themed around a specific player. The Position Collectible (no auction/no trade) is available from a Solo Challenge, and the other four (auctionable/tradable) are found in Packs.

Add these five Collectibles to that player’s Legend Set along with some Legends Badge Collectibles, and you’ll earn a Coin reward and a terrific player to upgrade your MUT team.

This weekends new Legends can also be found in Maddens Draft Champions Mode STARTING NOW! Draft on!

Lawrence Taylor, ROLB – Giants
1990: Taylor was a veteran leader on a Giants team that ranked 1st in points against and won the Super Bowl.

JERRY RICE, WR – 49ers
1987: Rice led the league with 23 total touchdowns despite only playing in 12 games.  This more than doubled 2nd place of 11 touchdowns.


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