In a time when eSports, as a whole, continues to see exponential growth, new companies and brands are entering the world of competitive gaming faster than ever before. As you probably have already heard, EA Sports, the developer of Madden, announced at EA play that there will be a $1 million pro circuit for Madden 17. This will be the first time in Madden history that there will be a consistent string of major tournaments throughout the year. EA Sports is looking to capitalize on the growth of the industry and its own successes in its yearly events. The most recent event, the Madden 16 Championship, was televised on ESPN2 and garnered over 190,000 viewers!

TrainedToGo eSports, also known as TTG eSports, is a registered Limited Liability Company out of North Carolina. An eSports agency focusing on providing services similar to that of a traditional sports agency which includes, but is not limited to, sponsorship acquisition, personal brand consulting, financial management, travel and logistics management, contract negotiation and review (of any current contracts) and more. As the scene continues to develop professionally, owner and founder of TTG, Houssam (Sam) “Pali Boy” Abouhasira, felt that it was necessary to provide professional services to players to ensure personal and professional growth. TTG eSports  works for the player so they can just focus on improving their game and winning titles. TTG eSports takes the stress out of searching for sponsors and advise players on strategies to best grow their personal brand. TTG eSports negotiates with any current sponsor and/or team a player may already have to ensure accountability on both sides of the deal. TTG eSports makes sure players are getting what they deserve! While opportunities anywhere in the eSports scene will not be out of consideration, the main focus is catering to Madden, FIFA and Fighting Game competitors.

TTG eSport are proud to announce the signing of their first two players: Randy “Bronco” Chatterton and Taylor “Highlight” Robinson.

Randy has been attending major tournaments in Madden since 2009. He has attended over 13 notable tournaments, finishing Top 8 in nine of those tournaments, which included the $140,000 Virgin Gaming EA Sports Madden Challenge in Las Vegas in 2013. He also finished 2nd in the 2016 GamerSaloon Vegas tournament, after a close game, losing 24-21 to one of the best to play the game, Serious Moe. Randy’s accomplishments extend to his crew, HeavyHittaz, in which his squad has two final 4 finishes.
Taylor, who is formerly known as “Bibleman”, has been attending tournaments for over eight years and competing online for over 10! Some of his accomplishments include a 1st place victory in San Antonio last October in MavriqEnt Gaming’s tournament and a few top 8 finishes in 2016. He is known for having one of the most prolific offenses and some of the most instinctive user skills in the game.


Look out for these two in the upcoming year of Madden! Please follow the players and TTG for more information, updates and future news on Twitter: @xHHxBronco, @TaylRobinson, @ttgesports, @PaLiiBoY or on the TTG Facebook page.

Submitted by : Houssam (Sam) “Pali Boy” Abouhasira

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