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Recommended By: Larry Richart, Designer

Play Name: Patriots: Gun- Trips Y Iso: Pats Y Stutter

When to run it: I love this play as it gives you a bunch of different options. This is a play that came straight from the Super Bowl as the Patriots scored on this on a Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski TD pass.  This new “Shot Play” allows you to take advantage of our new pass mechanics by throwing a high pass to Rob Gronkowski on the stutter curl and go route. If Gronk is double-covered, you can quickly look back at Julian Edelman on the underneath crossing route. On the backside of the trips set, you have a hitch seam concept that gives you two more viable options if Gronk and Edelman are covered.


Why It Works: This play has a great chance of working, like it did in the Super Bowl, when you get a LB matched up against Gronkowski on the outside. Gronk versus a linebacker is a mismatch already, but add in his height and the ability to throw the ball high where only he can get it, makes this very tough to defend in 1-on-1 coverage. If the defense double-covers Gronk, the backside crossing route to Edelman in the slot if a great secondary option. If you get a zone coverage, you can throw a low pass to keep Edelman from taking a big shot over the middle

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