Here are the Season 1 week 8 Power Rankings in the Madden Underground Sim League . What a difference a week makes stock has risen and fallen for a lot of teams check it out below.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Ravens Va Dimes  7-0 Dimes is dominating no other way to put it .  4
2. Eagles Black Magnate 7-0 The Eagles have been playing lights out. The Best in the NFC. Huge match up against the 9ers this week.  2
 3. Packers Obuc spartacus 5-2 The Packers are definitely a team to look out for. Jumping 3 spots this week.  6
 4. Cardinals Jigga 5-2 NFC West may be the most competitive division in the league with 3 top 10 teams in the league , and the Cards are leading that division right now.  10
 5. Chiefs Farriot  5-2 Farriot is currently leading the AFC West right now. A huge match up with the 4-2 Broncos for the division lead.  11
 6. 49ers Day Day 5-2 49ers are fighting for a play off , and a win over the eagles could be huge this week.  5
 7. Rams Brian James 5-2 A Much need bye week for the Rams a lot of players will be returning week 9 from injury.  12
 8. Texans DoubleJ 4-2 Texans are by far the best team in the AFC South.  A win over the the Seahawks this week will further prove that .  7
 9. Broncos Jhall 4-2 Broncos have bounced back after dropping 2 games. 9
10. Falcons BigGm


4-2 By far the most improved team since our last power rankings. Jumping from 22 to 10 is major.  22
 11. Bills Diner Reef 4-2 Bills are leading the AFC East but for some reason it feels like that division is still wide open. A win this week could make a lot of us believers .  8
 12. Browns Greg Fletch 4-3 Quietly winning games. By far the most under the radar team in the league  18
 13. Vikings Skunk 4-3 It was all good a week ago.  Dropped from 1 to 13. Vikings have alot to prove heading into a game with the browns.  1
 14. Raiders Da Mobb 4-3 The AFC  west is the most competitive division in the AFC. Raiders got off a good have nose dived in the recent weeks. Must win game vs the Bills.  4
 15. Patriots Wes  4-3 Patriots are actually 1 game behind the Bills in the AFC east. a win this week could be major.  19
 16. Cowboys Shock  3-3 Cowboy vs Redskins this week . A huge division Match up a win here could turn things around here for the Cowboys  13
 17. Lions Raw paper 247 3-3 Now is the Time to fight you have with Vikings and Packers dropping games.  20
 18. Saints Thizzney Land 3-3 The saints are back in the hunt. Seems like Thizzney Land may have gotten his groove back.  23
 19 Seahawks Juan  3-3 Contrary to belief Juan and his Seahawks aren’t trash. expect the Seahawks to move up this rankings in the coming weeks.  26
 20. Steelers RaiderX Pride 3-4 Steelers have to win this week. The Lions won’t make it easy.  17
 21. Jets Phillyguy  3-4 A win this week could get the J-E-T-S back in the mix of things .  14
 22. Titans IDonkey  3-4 Much Need bye week time heal up, and figure out what not working.  21
 23.  Bears Spaztic Rooster  3-4 Defeating the Panthers gave the Bears something to build on. Saints are a team on a mission a win won’t be an easy task.  27
 24. Chargers Batman7 4ever 3-4 Chargers have no easy task facing the Patriots this week.  16
 25 Bengals Bubba Keith  2-4 Bengals may win more games if they can improve on the defensive end of the ball. Try running more.  29
 26. Giants Wesley Snypz 2-5 The G men are struggling. Lab time may be a huge help.  15
 27. Dolphins Black Assassin  2-5 Dolphin have to be the bigger disappointment this year. Expected much more from this team.  24
 28. Bucs Seeger  1-6 Not surprised at all., lack of preparation has severely handicapped this team.  25
 29. Panthers Maint 1-6 Panthers look bad no other way to put it. 231 point allowed is a recipe for disaster.  30
 30 Colts Zilla  1-6 Allowing 216 points and only scoring 102 make it impossible to win.  31
 31. Jaguars Tdot 0-7 This guy doesn’t even try a disgrace to Madden. Fifa may be a btter fit .  28
 32. Redskins Blaze 0-6 The Redskins have only scored 61 point in 6 games. Offensively they need help.  32


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