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  1. Brandon Miller (Chiefs) – When you’re going for your 3 Super Bowl in the row no discussion necessary. Mahomes on the field and Chiefs are the favorite.
  2. Gary Hash 2 (Vikings) – 3 NFC Championships with 2 Super Bowl appearances, big focus on draft to rejuvenate the team.
  3. Eddie Cain Jr. (49ers) – Last season NFC rep in the SB. The most dominant dline in the league, lack of a passing attack is the biggest obstacle to winning it all.
  4. Chris Goodman (Ravens) – Assassin is known in the Madden community, but he’s lost in the Brandon Miller era of the AFC.
  5. Chris Postell (Seahawks) – He’s been in the playoffs all 3 years, but hasn’t broken through successfully. Could this be the year behind DeShone Kizer?
  6. Austin Louden (Panthers) – Been a regular in the MU PS4 Pro League playoffs, he’s best in the regular season. His clutchness is in question, the potential is there.
  7. Rashard Carter (Bengals) – Shard was in the 1st SB, he’s been on a slight decline since. With a roster full of talent maybe he regains his position at the top of the AFC.
  8. Marvin Cofer (Titans) – Feeling the pressure of win now, Weevo took the draft by storm. It’s now or never.
  9. Chris Dickerson (Raiders) – Known more for trolling, he’s started taking Madden more serious. He’s built his roster to compete.
  10. Trey Taylor (Redskins) – A steady competitor ready to make himself known, unfortunately some new comers are closing in fast.
Top Bad Blood Rivalries:
Rashard Carter vs Chris Goodman – Goodman has taken the “who’s this guy” approach, while Shard thinks Assassin is sweet. Locking in twice a year at the minimum gives this matchup the juice to last into next season and beyond.
Chris Postell vs Eddie Cain Jr – This rivalry has been played out twice a season and this past year spilled over into the playoffs. It’s been even until Cain won and then made the SB, has he taken control or is the next winner the better man.
Best Conference – AFC North – every game has GOTW potential, the winner will be battle tested and potential threat to the Chiefs run.
Up Next: Tillman Mathies, Andres Acosta, Jeremy Douglas and Jeremy Robinson Sr.
Conference Winners:
AFC North – Steelers
AFC South – Titans
AFC East – Jets
AFC West – Chiefs
NFC North – Vikings
NFC South – Panthers
NFC East – Redskins
NFC West – 49ers
Super Bowl Chiefs vs Vikings (Vikings end the Chiefs run)

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