Rank Team User Record News
 1 Cowboys Xman  5-0 Super Bowl Runner up and NFC Favorite lands the #1 spot
 2 Vikings Cutdog  4-0 Vikings have a new Coach in Cut dog. He has a pass rush that has a lot of league members shook. Can’t wait to see him and Xman meet.
 3. Falcons Big games


 4-0 Falcons are off to a great start. Big Games has taken it to the next level.
 4.  Chargers Fat Boi


4-1 Chargers are tough for the second year in row early. This may be the year Barker makers the playoffs.
 5. Chiefs Trey4life 3-1  A player under the radar sure to catch a lot of players slippin.
 6.  Dolphins Philly guy 3-1 Philly guy making his presence felt. Madden Vet looking to claim his division.
 7 Steelers  xgxflxtroyp43x  3-1 Talks the Talk and at 3-1 he is walking the walk. Smash mouth football win’s games in the Steel town.
 8. Titans Brian James 4-1 Trying to stay alive. Afc South most wanted.
9. Redskins Tlew  4-1 Hibachi is back and looks to be in the best shape of his Madden Life. Cowboys are on the schedule should determine what to expect the rest of the season.
 10. Jaguars Dangerous  3-1 Dangerous looking take what he believes is his division back.
 11. Eagles Too much


 3-1 Too Much Stick Claim to fame was beating Serious Moe in a tourney last year this year he has been fairly quiet.
 12  Lions Ted Ginn jr  2-1 Proved he is a threat in the NFC. New season means new challenges but i think the Lions are up to the task.
 13  Packers Xxx  2-1 Packers are  barely over 500 need to turn it around.
 14 Ravens CalBear 2-2 Damn homie in high school you was the man homie wtf happen to you. Calbear went from Super Bowl Champ to the 2-2 Ravens we predicted a repeat but lacks the hunger and competitive edge. Heavy is the crown. And every body want the head of the Champ.
 15 Seahawks Roo  2-2 Known as the guy who humbled the trash talking jags. But 2-2 is less than what was expected out of Roo.
 16 Cards XXX Hate


 2-3 Off to a bad start looking to turn it around.
17   Raiders Warpath  2-3 Off to a terrible start. Taking over for Beast Oldman who had the Raiders in top shape are big shoes to fill .
 18 Giants KingJaymoney  2-3 Already improving from last season Giants look like the want a piece of the action.
 19 Bucs Seeger  2-2 ?????
 20 Patriots Zilla 2-2 Fairly decent start.
 21 Bills Countmoney 9 1-3  Off to a slow start .
22 49ers CJackson  1-3 looks distracted need to get it together before it’s to late.
 23 Broncos DRMess 1-3 Broncos are missing key components in the game plan.
 24  Browns Easy money 4545 2-3 No Double J but seems to be a decent player.
 25 Rams Dblock 1-4  Team is clearly better than the record. Bad coaching this team off to an 1-4 start. You have to show up week in and week out !
 26 Colts Superman


 1-5 Needs to change something if he wants to make a name for him self in the league.
 27 Texans Idonkey 1-3 Texans looking to turn things around.
 28 Panthers Baldamore  1-3 The record indicates something is going on in the locker room just hope they can pull it together.
 29 Bears Spaztic Rooster  1-4 Excuses , Excuses , Excuses.
 30 Bengals Glock 0-4 New Coach looking to turn things around
31  Saints Tdot  0-5  Having a tough time adjusting.Hopefully can get it together.
 32 Jets illkillurface  0-6 Hard times for the Jet’s

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