Season 1 Champion MTV FAMOUS

MTV Famous is a wizard when comes to gathering talent to make a championship run. Season one of the Madden Underground sim league that was put on full display for the league to see. Dominating the NFC with a juggernaut of a team he assembled earned him a Season 1 Championship Trophy and some cash.

Season 2 & 3 Champion TaylorMade

Taylor Made and his prolific offense dominated the league for two seasons. He Led his Ravens to back to back championships. Although Taylor Made failed to 3peat he made it to 3 consecutive AFC championships making him the most competitive player in the league this year.

Season 4 Champion Blaze

Blaze has been one of the most competitive Madden players since the early 2000’s . Winning 2 Madden Underground Sim Leagues Super Bowls in Madden 20. The Madden 21 year was no different After great showings in season 1-3 , Blaze was finally secured a Super Bowl win in season 4.

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