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This week we had a chance to sit down with Brian Gardner. Brian is a prominent member of the Madden community who has a bright future ahead of him. He opened up and broke down how the the game of Madden played a major role in getting him out of a dark place. This was by far the most honest and transparent interview we have ever conducted on the site. I hope you all absorb the the sincerity in his words and support him moving forward.


Chris Goodman:  Hey Brian how are you doing today?


Brian Gardner : I’m doing well. How about yourself?


Chris Goodman: I’m doing great man, but let dive right into it. Tell our readers where you from, and what got you into Madden?


Brian Gardner: I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah. I got into madden by playing with a couple friends when I lived up in North Dakota around 2014. They would beat my brains in. I think the first real game I played I lost something like 70-14. I was terrible. But I really enjoyed the game at that time.


Chris Goodman: Why did you move from North Dakota ?


Brian Gardner: I was very unhappy with the current situation I was in. Job wasn’t going well. Personal life wasn’t either. Everyday had to really convince myself to get out of bed and go to work.


Chris Goodman : While you were reconstructing your life did you feel Madden was a great outlet to take your mind off of it all ?


Brian Gardner: Madden was the outlet. At that time I was terrible but it was something I found enjoyment in during a time I wasn’t enjoying anything.

Chris Goodman : That’s Real !

Chris Goodman:  On a lighter note who is your favorite team to use in Madden, and watch in real life ?

Brian Gardner: It depends on the difficulty. On all pro I’ll use the Vikings. On All madden I’ll use the Falcons or the Eagles. My favorite team is the Eagles. And no I’m not jumping on the bandwagon. I was here for the “Dream team” days.

Chris Goodman: Haha those are some good teams to use everybody uses the Falcons now. So how would you describe your madden career this past year?

Brian Gardner: My year this year was very disappointing. I got knocked out of Arizona’s club series early. I made it to the 3rd round in the Draft Champs tourney. So my year ended rather early in terms of the MCS as for many other competitive players.


Chris Goodman: So… you didn’t make a live event last year ?


Brian Gardner: Not This year. No. I made a live event in 2017.


Chris Goodman: What was the experience like?


Brian Gardner: They really treated you like a star. I’ve never been inside an actual NFL stadium and it was an incredible experience. I had people who were coming up to me asking how they can play in one of these or how I reached this  level of play. They really made you feel like a big deal.

Chris Goodman: Wow that’s amazing man glad you had a great experience. What advice would you give players trying to get into competitive scene?

Brian Gardner: The best advice I can give is handle a loss like it’s a lesson. I have my inbox filled with dudes who all have an excuse as to why they aren’t good, or why they got beat. If you put the time in. You’ll be fine. You can have a life outside of madden and be competitive with anyone. A lot of people want the glory. But not many  people want to put in the time.

Chris Goodman : You were one of the WCMPL Franchise Super Bowl Winners in Madden 18 . How did your competitive experience play a role in your success ?


Brian Gardner : It played in to not by allowing me not to be intimidated by the moment, nor the opponent. Teaching me to be calm in situations that others might panic. Like blowing a 17 point lead in the 2nd half and still coming out with the win.


Chris Goodman: What should we expect out of you in the WCMPL this year ?


Brian Gardner: Well since I’m going to be in it from the start. You can expect me to be in the Super Bowl more times than not.


Chris Goodman: With all the new MCS information that has recently come out, Do you feel you chances of making it to a major has increased this year?


Brian Gardner: Um I’m not too sure. Season 1 requires you to go to a satellite  event and despite what everyone thinks, I do have a job and don’t have the time nor money to make it to the event.


Chris Goodman: Totally understand. So would you recommend players with limited funding to focus on the other events ?


Brian Gardner:  Yes. Save your money if you don’t live near any of the events. Let’s do the math 100 dollar entry fee Plus probably 300 for a plane ticket Another 200-300 for a hotel Not including food, Uber, or anything else. Could be around 800 dollars to compete for a weekend. Not everyone has that kind of money. I sure as hell don’t.


Chris Goodman: Where do you see Madden as an e sport going in the future ?


Brian Gardner: Its growing. I think the people in charge of the growth of the esport need to be better with communication to the players.


Chris Goodman : Thanks man I appreciate it man taking your time out to do this interview. Anything you want to say to your fans and plans for Madden 19?


Brian Gardner: I just want to say to the 9 fans I have that I plan on working harder and making sure madden 18 doesn’t repeat itself.


Chris Goodman : That’s great hear man I know you’re 9 fans will enjoy it!


Follow Brian Gardner via twitter @bgard_21


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