Week 8 of Season 1 has arrived in the Madden Underground PS4 Pro League. This Cast of players may be the most talented group of Ps4 players we have had in a while. Va Dimes, Azitatic Nation,and Va Assassin remain the only undefeated players in the league. There are  also a few new faces who cracked the top 10,  such as Lchizzo, MF Ghost, and Ray Rice Lawyer. Check out the full power rankings below.

Rank Team User Record News Previous Rank
1. Ravens Va Dimes  7-0 Eat, sleeps, and breathes this Madden stuff. Ran one division rival out the league. Favorite to win the AFC.
2. 49ers Aziatic Nation 7-0 Shocking to say the least 49ers are on a role and Aziatic Nation has be on a roll.
3. Redskins Va Assassin 6-0 The Assassin has yet to win a Pro League championship. This year is the year that changes.
4. Jets Lchizzo 1989 6-1 Jets are hot right now. Lchizzo demanded he was in the top 5 via twitter, and he earned the #4 spot.
5. Dolphins Kliq Razors Edge 6-1 The AFC Is a hell division. Multiple contenders but Kliq Razors Edge has been holding his own.
6. Seahawks JDOUGLASBOI10 6-1 J Douglas is in the mix , I repeat J Douglas is in the mix. The Sea hawks are a real threat in the NFC.
7. Vikings Ray Rice Lawyer 5-2 The #1 team in the NFC North. This player down plays his ability to win but don’t be fooled he will drag you.
8. Eagles Postell Swaggdout 5-2 The Eagles make the NFC East one of the toughest division in the league. Eagles should secure a playoff spot when it’s all said and done.
9. Cowboys Double R 


5-2 High possibility that the NFC East may send 3 teams to the playoffs this year. Cowboys have been a tough win up until this point.
10. Bucs MF Ghost 4-2 Ghost wasted no time making a name for himself in the league. Jumped in and has instantly become top 10.
11. Steelers   B9 4-2 Steelers are on track to make playoffs if they can keep up the good work.
12. Patriots Dotsbum 4-3 Dots bum complains every week  about how he hates PS4 but he is holding his own with the Patriots in a deep AFC East.
13. Titans TeamBrianJames 4-3 Just trying to get a seat at the table.
14. Broncos MF Five 4-3 The Favorite to win the AFC West at the moment.
15. Panthers Midus CLutch 3-3 Panthers are off to a solid start. With B miller taking over the Falcons, Panthers will have to work twice as hard to make playoffs.
16. Bears Shadyslick 3-3 Off to an okay start but has to tighten up a few things if the Bears want to make playoffs.
17. Falcons BMiller 3-4 He’s Back, B Miller  wanted all the Super Bowls last year. This year he wants to prove nothing has changed.
18. Colts AJG3oz 3-4 Big win in week 7 has the Cardinals back in the hunt.
19 Rams TiteofCpt 3-4 The Rams are still in the process of learning strengths and weaknesses of the team.
20. Lions Jhallbrooo 3-4 Lions had rough first half of the season hopefully things will change as the league advances.
21. Cardinals Big Rob 2-5 The Cardinals are in last place in the division.
22. Bengals J Woods 2-5 Came in and slapped the Chiefs just a preview of what’s to come.
23. Giants Wesley Snypz 2-5 The Giants are off to a slow start must turn things around in a hurry.
24. Texans Beyer mac 2-5 Texans have a talented roster just a few pieces away .
25 Chiefs Shard007  2-5 The Chiefs are off to a slow start.
26.  Browns The Chi Made Me  2-5 The Browns are in bad shape. This is not the division to be slacking in.
27 Bills Jac townsticks 79 2-5 The Bills are in last place in the AFC East.
28. Raiders Jay Love  1-5 Every Raider user in a Madden Underground League is struggling with the loss of Mack.
29. Saints Mr Mal 1-5 Saints are in a bad place.
30 Chargers Mr Libre 1-5 Chargers are having a rough go of it early. That Draft pick will be very valuable if things don’t turn around.
31 Jaguars Its me Mario  1-6 Enjoying The Married life team not so…. Congrats Bro
32 Packers ikidd-718 0-6 Very Valuable Draft pick.


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