It is a 5v5 mode with the following positions: Offense- QB, RB, C, TE, WR / Defense- DT, MLB, CB1, CB2, S. You have the ability to play with your Avatar in each offensive skill position (QB, WR, TE, RB). There is no game/play clock or special teams.

So, how do you win? The first team to a pre-determined amount of points wins. Scoring is as follows: TD’s are worth six points. PAT offers a choice to go for one point at the five-yard line, or two points from the 10-yard line. Safeties are two points. The first possession is determined by a coin flip.

This innovative gameplay will be brought to life in new The Yard: Underground live events where you will have the ability to play with full control over each skill position. There will also be trick play practice where you can hone your skills, and narrative driven The Yard: Underground Scenarios. Check out the previous The Yard: Underground Gridiron Notes for more details on your journey.


Playbooks have been built from the ground-up. Trickery and laterals are going to be a huge part of The Yard: Underground. HB Passes, Option plays, and for the first time in mobile, the double pass. A double pass enables a user to throw to a receiver behind the line of scrimmage, where they can then throw the ball again to a different receiver. This includes the QB as a potential receiver. These new techniques will be prevalent in The Yard: Underground. There is also now a lateral button, so always be looking for your teammates to try and keep the play alive. The CPU will also use this trick against you.

To keep the gameplay quick and fast to fun, the user is given a play at the line of scrimmage. You then have the option to choose from three additional plays if you’d like to audible. These additional plays will all be from an alternative play type (PA, Short Pass, Long Pass, Run) of the original call. This provides the user with a variety of options to choose from every time they line up to snap the ball. 


There may be optional rules for each location (win conditions, down and distance, etc.) as more are released throughout the year. He also mentioned the possibilities around different numbers of player configurations and what that could lead to. Finally, there may be new environments with different field configurations as well.


Link your EA Account with your current Madden Mobile account to be notified when the new app is available. From now until August 6, 2020, connecting your EA and Madden Mobile accounts will award a Madden Mobile 4th Quarter 100 OVR Pack and a Madden Max Stamp. Once linked, you can claim the pack in the store.

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