– Fixed or enhanced multiple team uniforms
– Added tuning adjustments to offline Connected Franchise Mode, matching Online CFM hot fixes
– Added a “Slim” Play Call option
– Added the ability to button through the entire halftime presentation
– Added button prompt to defensive play call to inform the user they can back out to pick their play before the offense does
– Tuned down QB accuracy for lower tiered QB’s, especially on passes under 10 yards
– Addressed issue where the formation name would not update during no huddle situations
– Improved line shifting functionality out of defensive camera
– Defensive Play Call timer has been extended to 15 seconds
– Addressed issue where users only had 10 seconds to call a play vs. the AI
– Improved defensive adaptive AI
– Added QB signature passing styles
– Addressed issue where reading keys against the read option wasn’t working on All-Madden difficulty
– Added logic for receivers that prevents the wrong animation from triggering during catchable passes
– Added logic to prevent multiple ways of grieving during online games
– Improved logic in CFM when determining who the starting RT should be
– Addressed an issue where the user would fail when punting the ball out of bounds on the Medium Coffin Corner drill
– Addressed an exploit where users could put WR’s at the TE position on the depth chart inside of MUT
– General improvements to Madden Messenger
– General improvements to commentary logic
– Multiple CoachGlass improvements
– Fixed an issue where the user’s play would sometimes be auto-selected on defense

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