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What up Madden Fan’s each week we will feature a Underground Madden player that you may or may not have heard of. With the release of Madden NFL 19 only a few days away , we plan to use our platform to maximize the exposure of skilled players that are flying under the radar. This week we head to Celebration, Florida to chop it up with Alberto Romero, other wise known as Envied 15. He breaks down how he got his name , his start , and what fuels his hunger to take the Madden Community by storm this year.


Brian James : What up , Alberto or should i say Envied 15 ?

Envied 15 : Hey Man how’s it going

Brian James : Great let’s get right to it. So Tell me how did the name envied 15 Come about ?

Envied 15: Goes back to when I played baseball lot of people hated on my success had a full ride scholarship to Alabama University but unfortunately got really sick after 11th grade so wasn’t able to pursue my dream. So I chose Envied 15 because I knew a lot of people that wanted to see me fail and hated on my success.

Brian James : That’s deep … Well tell me this , how did you find your way to the Madden Community ?

Emvied 15 : I started playing competitive madden this year. Before the club series I put the sticks down and kinda given up on my madden career but my boy told me that I was top 5 in falcons club series so I took it serious again and my expectation was just to get final 4. Didn’t really know what I was capable of.
So I made top 4 after flooding Joe rice who is well known in the madden community. I knew I had the skill set to go far in the madden community. I watch Pwny, Problem, Dubby, Trueboy , Joelcp, and all the top pro players on twitch. I just try to learn what they do in different situations seeing how they adjust and play.
I refer to baseball, the top percent of players are like the big leagues less mistakes better execution on offense and defense.


Brian James : Great way of looking at it. How will the conclusion of your Club series run impact the drive you put forward in Madden 19 ?

Envied 15 : It will impact it a lot I was winning in my game against Killacam 14-0 then ended up choking the game losing 19-17. The loss didn’t really hurt because I wasn’t fully focused into what was hot in madden. Killacam killed me with the lowball and that’s the first time I found out about the lowball glitch. But I’m coming back harder then ever in madden 19. I know what I can do and everyone in the madden community will soon to know who envied15 is.


Brian James : You are the Season 6 Madden Underground PS4 Champion. What was your mind state going up against 9 time Champion Va Dimes ?


Envied 15 : Since I’ve never seen Va dimes play before i took it the same way when I played Killa cam in my club series. Minimize the mistakes, execute on offense, and get a feel for what he likes to do and adjust. I started that game slow going 4 n out and giving up a early Touchdown but if you watched that game you saw how much fight I was putting never gave up. I knew if I could stop his Read option and force him to pass I knew I would be able to force him to make a mistake and bring the momentum back on my side. Personally i was proud of my performance.

Brian James : As you should be !
You spoke briefly on the world knowing who Envied 15 was. What would you like your legacy to be as Madden player , when you finally put down the sticks what would you like to be remembered for ?

Envied 15: I would like to be remembered as a really tough opponent, when you saw my name on your schedule or same side of the bracket you knew what you were up against. A great competitor that strived to be the best in this community
Also someone that gives back to the madden community


Brian James : Thanks Envied 15 for taking time out to answer a few questions and allowing us to see what makes you tic. Any thing you would like to leave with our readers in closing ?


Envied 15 : No problem it’s my pleasure thank you Brian and MU for allowing me to showcase my talent. See y’all in madden 19 I’m out !


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