The first Madden Underground Fast Money Tournament was a complete success thanks to all the participants. Everyone did a remarkable job of scheduling games and getting them played. The tournament contained players like Nev our Madden Underground Invitational tournament champion, and JB a two-time Madden Underground Xbox Pro League champion. To simply say games were great would be an understatement. Colts club series champion MR Hit stick gave a stellar performance dominating his way to the finals. Berko opposite side the bracket gave off champion vibes the entire tournament. Berko’s calm demeanor allows him to play relaxed in pressure situations, a trait that deemed him a Madden Underground Pro League Champion, and a staple in the Windy City Madden Crew. Berko took a commanding lead in every game leading up to his final’s appearance.

The finals were definitely one for the ages, Berko Vs MR Hit stick 757. The game started off with both players playing some of the best defense of the tournament, only allowing 6 points going into halftime. The third quarter got off to an intense start when Berko took possession of the ball, only to come out and throw an interception. The interception led to a Mr Hit Stick touchdown, allowing him to take a 13-6 lead. A calm Berko quickly rallied back driving down field and scoring 3 points making it a 13-9 game still in favor of MR Hit Stick. Hit Stick regained possession milking what was left of the 4th quarter. A plan that appeared to be great as Hit Stick drained the clock to less than a minute in Berko territory but was forced punt after a sack on a crucial 3rd and 7. Berko fair caught the punt at his own 13-yard line with only 42 second remaining in the game. After throwing 3 consecutive completions and managing to get out of bounds, Berko found himself at Hit Sticks 35-yard line with 17 seconds left on the clock. Berko came out in a Gun – Bunch Offset flipped managing to find a Wr with a step, and with his Golden Ticket Joe Mixon, he let it rip, finding Golden Ticket Collin Johnson in the back of the endzone for the 16-13 win.

Scroll down to see the tournament in its entirety and check out the brackets.

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