Madden Underground Sim League Rules


League Settings

Sim mode
Game Skill: All Madden
Quarter Length: 6 minutes
Accelerated clock: No

Playbooks : Regular /Customs
Advance days: Monday- Wed- Friday 12ampst

Gameplay Rules – Offensive Play calling
We do not place any limits on the types of plays being called and do not force any specific run/pass percentage. The success or failure of your playcalling will be based on how well you execute.

4th Down Rule – 4and 3 or more you must punt unless you cross the 50

(No 4th down Rule in the 4th qtr each team has the right to make a judgement call in the best interest of their team in the 4th qtr only )

You May also run Fake Fg and Punt !!!!

No WR at TE and No Linemen at TE on depth chart, position for position package subs are fine though No LBs at DT position.

Gameplay Rules –Defensive Playcalling
We do not place any limits on the types of plays being called and do not force any specific type of defense to be run. The offensive is able to call a wide variety of plays and you are empowered to scheme against it.

All of the global defensive controls (DL shift, LB shift, show blitz, etc) are allowed pre-snap.Linebackers, Cornerbacks and Safeties can be moved pre-snap.
Madden 17 has a mechanism that  delays nano blitzes this year.  Blitzes that are not deemed as exploits by the Madden Underground Competition Committee  will be allowed.  (all exploits  are prohibited)

Must have a minimum of 2 men rushing at all times

Communication Rules:

Our league communicates almost exclusively through facebook & Text.
Please be respectful and get in contact with your opponents as quickly as possible. We want this process to be swift and positive for all of the Owners
Both Parties are responsible for scheduling with in the first 24 hours.

Owners who miss a scheduled start time may receive a force loss at the discretion of the Commissioners. We understand that life events do happen and will do our best to mediate when issues arise.

Games that have not started within 60 minutes of advance will be simulated.
The limit for sims in a season is 3, any more after that we will replace you and fill your team with the next available person.
Note: If both parties agree to simulate the game due to scheduling or other conflicts, the game will not be applied towards a player’s sim count.

Playoff games
All playoff games must be streamed. Failure to stream a playoff game will result in a draft pick penalty for both owners. Exceptions are made if streaming results in extremely laggy game play. (away team is to stream the game). YOU MUST POST YOUR STREAM IN THE FACEBOOK GROUP

Disconnection Rules
If a disconnection occurs in the first half the game will be restarted and the score placed back to where it was at the time of disconnection.
If a disconnection occurs in the second half the game will be restarted and the remaining time will be played out.

Any disputes will be decided by the Commissioners. In the event of a dispute, please contact a Commissioner as soon as possible
Guys who disconnect games in the hope of getting them re-played are BUMS and are not allowed in our league.

Internet Connection
Owners are encouraged to have the best available internet connection. Individuals with consistently poor connections may be removed from the league.
We will be as understanding about connection issues as possible. It is understood that some guys live in very rural areas and sometimes have issues. We just don’t want to see a consistent issue lasting multiple weeks.

Front Office Rules ( Trades /Free Agency )
Releasing players : Once you release a player he can’t be signed back to your team for 2 advances (Unless it’s Free agent bidding)
-No Trading players away and back to same team in the same season
-Free Agency : Once all 32 members are in the league you may sign 1 free agent each week of preseason. Once we advance to Week one of Regular season you may sign as many as you like.
– Season 2  & beyond Free Agency : you may sign as many players as you can afford during bidding. Up to 5 per advance during preseason. You may sign at will during the regular season
Failure to Comply will result in immediate removal.
The trade deadline will be week 8 just as it is in real life. We will not hold up an advance to allow a trade to go through so plan accordingly.
Legal Positsion Changes/ Substituions
Wr- Wr
Oline- can play any oline position
DLine -Can play any Dline position and LB position
LB- can play all LB positions and DE positions (No DT)
Cb – Can play any Secondary Position
Ss- Can play all Secondary Positions
FS- Can play Secondary Position

Any scenario which is not covered by the above rules will be decided on by the commissioners.