Trade Office


This is the Official Madden Underground Trade Office Page. Below we have provided some very important links.  These are to be reviewed daily by selected trade Officials please approve and deny trades based on what was stated in the Rules. All Premier Leagues have the same rules in regards to trade so there shouldn’t be an issue. If ever you have a question text me at 310-667-0314

Trade Officials :

WCMPL – Philly guy and Farriot

Sim League – Spaztic & Tommie

Xbox Pro -Oogie and Dobbs

Ps4 Pro- Goog & Wesley


View Trades  : All submitted  trades are time stamped. There is a 24 hour window for trades to be approved and games must be played. (don’t let league members rush you or the approval process.) Click Link below to approve Trades.

Approve or Deny Trades : Click here to Approve or deny a trade ( any denied trade will require a short note explaining why)

Trade Result: This is Where league members can see if a trade is approved or denied (this is the only link league members should have off of this page ).











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