Madden Underground Squad Tournament




The Madden Underground Squad Tournament is the first of it’s kind. The best players from each Madden Underground League , and potential leagues will compete to make a name for them selves and the leagues they represent.


Entry Fee : Free

Date : 12-5-15

Prize :100 dollars  Cash, Ranking Points, and Plaque for Commissioner of the League who has the best performance.

Game Settings

Console: Xbox one

  •  All-Madden
  • 4 minute quarters, accelerated clock off (Championship-6 minutes)
  • Current NFL teams only / latest rosters
  • Regular playbooks or Customs
  • No onside kicks unless losing in 4th quarter
  • No manual rushing A/B gap from less than 3 yards from line of scrimmage
  • No player lock
  • Home advantage to lower rated team ( Until final 4 )
  • Chew clock allowed[

Tourney is Full

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