Sim League Update

Congrats to Xman of the cowboys  On Winning The Season 3 Super Bowl

Off Season Schedule
Resigning: Friday 6pm to 3am pst (9pm to 6am est)
Stage 1 Free Agency: Saturday 3am to 12pm pst (6am to 3pm est)
Stage 2 FA and scouting : Saturday 12 pm to 6pm( 3pm to 9pm )
Stage 3 FA and Scouting :Saturday 6pm to 8am Sunday ( 9pm saturday to 11 am sunday est)
Stage 4 Scout 8am to 2pm pst
Draft @2pm pst/5est

Below are the changes

Trades No longer have to be submitted you may trade as your own risk be wise and aware of cap penalty and and salary cap.

We will also be screening those position changes,check below for allowed position changes

positsion Changes/Substituions
Wr- Wr
Oline- can play any oline position ( No Tackles can line up
DLine -Can play any Dline position and LB position
LB- can play all LB positions and DE positions (No DT)
Cb – Can play any Secondary Position
Ss- Can play all Secondary Positions
FS- Can play Secondary Positions

We urge all league members to join our facebook group so they are aware of all happenings around the League.…/1ZwrKEasG-7YvB_SeUl4_uj1m…/pubhtml


250 for super bowl winner and Madden Underground Super Bowl Trophy

100 bucks for runner up and Madden Underground

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