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  1. So glad to be a part of the Madden underground family looking forward to great things making new friends excited about playing Madden 16

  2. What’s up I’m new to the madden underground but now to madden. If you need any help any offense or defense just Holla being playing mut for about three 3 months now and ranks 326 and climbing up the leader board will start soon as it comes out this year. And will be in the top ranking for sure. Glad to join.

  3. Hey guys huge madden fan but tired of random lgs going no where and bs rules and players.. I’m good at what I do I’m very active very respectful and really enjoy the game looking for lgs to join and games to play hope to hear from someone soon I never knew sites like this exsisted kinda beyond excited hopes its the real deal!!!!!

  4. Just joined the madden family. Looking for a serious league to join. Serious replies back please.

  5. Man so glad to be part of the madden family this year been playing madden sense a youngster …time to put the skills to the test and win some games let’s get money lol 👍🏾

  6. Yea what’s man I’m looking forward to being part of the Madden family this year I love me some football I’m ready meet Poland win me some games let’s go.

  7. Been playing Madden for a little over a decade. Playing competitively for 4 years now, and started taking it seriously the past 2 years. Been on leader boards for years. Striving to make more live events and really push myself into the MCS. Started the NYML New York Madden League. Xbox/Twitch/Twitter: NewYorkMadden

  8. Lemme get some action, it would be awesome if I could get in a tourney. Yall ain’t ready!

  9. I feel as though no one matches up with my clutch factor and awareness of the game. I’m ready to snatch big prizes and value belongings from others as well as gain the ultimate respect amongst madden players

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