Madden Underground Ps5 Pro League

Madden Underground will be making the jump to the Gen 5 console this year. We promise to continue to bring you the most competitive franchise experience in the Madden community, while serving as a platform for players to showcase skills.

Madden 22 Registration opens on  July 30th, 2021

Console: Ps5

Advance Schedule: Mon, Wed , Friday.

Registration Fee: $100 dollars  Plus Team fee ( Registration Secures your spot in the League, team fee are to be paid upon selection of your team following lottery)

Team Selection : Lottery ( Player Names are randomly selected on stream to determine order teams are selected )

 Price per team (Based on Tier System)

-Tier 1–$100

-Tier 2–$75

-Tier 3–$50

-Tier 4–$25

Prize Pool:

Super Bowl winner:  600 & Trophy

Runner up: $300 Dollars

Conference Championship losers $100

Division winners: $25 Dollars

(Prize pool remains the same each of our 4 seasons and pay out’s are instant)





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