Madden Underground Ps5 Pro League

Madden Underground will continue to bring you a quality Franchise experience in Madden 23. Check out the league details below.  

Madden 23 Registration is now open

Console: PS5

Advance Schedule: Mon, Wed, Friday.

 League Start Date: (League begins September 18, 2022)

Registration Fee: $100 dollars Plus Team fee

(Registration secures your spot in the league, team fee is to be paid upon selection of your team)

Team Selection: Buy at will in the team store 8/21/22

 Price per team (Based on Tier System)

-Tier 1–$125

-Tier 2–$100

-Tier 3–$75

-Tier 4–$50

-Tier 5-$25

Prize Pool: ($1400 prize pool each season.)

Super Bowl winner:  700 & Trophy

Runner up: $300 Dollars

Conference Championship losers $100

Division winners: $25 Dollars

(Prize pool remains the same each of our 4 seasons and pay outs are instant)


Register and pay below



Madden Underground Ps5 Pro League Registration

Registration secures your spot in the league. All participants will still be required to purchase team on August 21st in the Madden Underground Team store on a first come first serve basis.


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