Madden Underground Ps4 Pro League



The Madden Underground Pro League, is a Franchise Leagues Comprised of some of the  most competitive guys in the Madden Community.  With Ea Offering a Million dollars, we wanted to Create a Franchise League that provided a pro style game play experience. A League where week in and week out you never know what to expect.  Pushing the Franchise experience to it’s limits.


Commissioner: Wesley Snypz

Console : Ps4


Facebook group :Join here 

Rules : Click here For Rules

League Roster 

Power Rankings

Currently : In Season 5

Advance Schedule – Monday  Wed  Friday ( if games are played faster then of course we advance faster)

Entry :11 dollars per season in  2 seasons Blcoks (  2 season blocks prevents short term owners from just completely ruining a team and moving on. )

Prize :250 cash to Superbowl winner and 100 cash to Runner up