Madden Underground : Madden 19 Online Invitational

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Madden Underground would like to invite you to participate in our Madden 19 Xbox one Invitational Tournament . This is a yearly event that grants players an opportunity to win cash at no risk, a chance to showcase your skills before diving into Franchise League play and the grueling Madden 19 year. The Winner will walk way with 100 bucks and  a    player of the month feature. Our 2 time Invitational Champion VA Dimes will be back to defend his title.  This Tournament is now At Capacity.

Date :8/25/18

Tournament Settings

Single Elimination

Skill Level : All Madden /Comp Mode

Quarter Length 4 Min

Playbooks: Regular ( No Custom Books)

Team Selection: Any Team of Choice

Must have Facebook
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This Tournament has reached Capacity !


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