Franchise Help Page

We have put together this page to help some of you guys get familiar with the League menus and how things operate. If ever you have any questions feel free to email us at or contact your league commissioners if ever you don’t understand something.

When you first get your League invite you will select the team you are assigned to. You will then be asked to select a coach. This league requires you to create a coach, so you will press the y button if you’re an XBox user and triangle if you’re a Ps4 user to create your coach.Check out the video below for tips on how to do so.

Player Progression

The most important part of franchise mode is knowing the talent you have on your team. The worst teams in the league can be the best teams if developed correctly . Here is a video to further improve your knowledge

Game Planning

Game planning will prepare you for your weekly opponents check out how you do so below.


Resigning is the most important part of the franchise mode guy’s often lose players from their team due to not properly resigning them. Check out this video to prevent this from happening. (i strongly recommend giving the players exactly what they ask for.)

Big Decision

Through out the season you will be faced with big decision and your choices can deeply impact your season. Check out below to get more familiar with these decisions.

Practice Squad

We will be adding more videos and tutorials to this page as the season progresses.