Madden Underground Xbox Pro League Roster.

GIANTSTaylormadeA tough competitor, A tournmanent player that should make a lot of noice
EAGLESHengriffeyVegas own very tough player
REDSKINSVa Dimes 10+ Madden Underground Titles. When it come to league play this man is a living legend.
COWBOYSWideRecevawoodyFirst year in the league but rumor is he can play.
CARDINALSBerko 87Berko and the cardinals may be a match made in heaven.
SEAHAWKSBiggmjamesatlBig game james is built for this tough division.
RAMSJhallbroooMaking the most noice on the online tournament circuit may be the biggest threat in the division.
49ERSBo Sway Bo sway is one of the calculated players in the league be sure to look out for him.
PANTHERSTrojan Blaze When it comes to building teams he is second to none if he wants to trade with you chance are your losing the trade.
BUCSChampagne SosaFresh face to the league looking to make some noise.
SAINTSShockDDMC UMF/MWS Alumn always a tough opponent.
FALCONSVa Assassin The Assassin is looking to make a return to glory this year.
LIONSMonsterman35THe Lions should be fun to watch this year one of the most enthusiastic players in the league.
PACKERSPhillyguy73Philly guy is notorious for the flip glitch in the early 2000’s these days he is just looking to get a win.
VIKINGSDre Knows A friend of skimbo’s, that alone make him a threat.
BEARSApollos707Made some noise in the Madden Underground invitation tournament.
JETSRedRzaAnother MWS Alumn , be sure to keep an eye out for him. Especially since he is playing with his favorite team;.
DOLPHINSMccaintrainTy Mccain appeared in multiple AFC Champion ships last year expect nothing less than greatness.
BILLSSilkcb21High fooot ball iq expect big things from silk.
PATRIOTSDangerousDangerous is the favoirte to win division according to League polls.
BRONCOSUrhidingachildBgardner with Von Miller Coming off the edge is going to be a problem
CHARGERSMTV Famous Mixed reviews when it comes to MTV Famous. Claimed to be the best in the league but was bounced early in Madden Underground Tournament.
RAIDERSThizzneylandBleeds Silver and black .
CHIEFSCjackInstantly the best team in division with Cjack at the helm.
COLTSZilla Already trying to move pieces to fit his teams needs. The team is already built to win offensively to early to know what needed with out playing a single game.
TITANSTeamBrianJamesTitans as usual, Should interesting to see what they become with limite pieces.
TEXANSLethalJimmy13Landed texans After team swap with CJack
JAGSMRJAM20New league member looking to make a name for himself. Has the perfect team to do so.
STEELERSBiggatronSteelers are in good hands. Expect them to go far this year.
BENGALSFettimoeAnother Vegas baller that can play. Expect big things.
BROWNSLil zaveThe Most well rounded team in the league. Zave should be able to make a run early.
RAVENSToo much stick Ravens are the best user and team fit in the division. Lamar Jackson should have a huge year.

Madden Underground Ps4 Pro League Roster

GIANTSIkidd-718League play is alway more fun when play with your favorite team. Expect the Giants to be a juggernaut as the year progresses.
EAGLESJdouglasboi10To Move back 10 make 200 backs and still land the best team in the leage not bad.
REDSKINSBjames129Redskins and Brian James is an odd pair. Should be fun to watch.
COWBOYSDouble_r21565Paid top dollar to get his team should do all he can to make it count.
CARDINALSKetch-Up21Great fit mobile qb , big time rb and fast wr core.
SEAHAWKSBeyermacBeyermac back for the third year looking to make redeem himself from years past. In the perfect division to do so.
RAMSTheChimademeAnother player flying under the radar. Got a big win in the Underground invitational tournmanent.
49ERSJustbeatdownNew member of the league but seems to be an experienced player.
PANTHERSRed RzaMadden Vet. Looking se what he brings to the table this year.
BUCSJdizzle314Big Time player made alot of noice in Madden 19 with the Bucs expect even more.
SAINTSWesley SnypzHuge change from playing with the Giants. Perfect division to play in.
FALCONSLancechizzo1989The Early favorite to win division after striking a deal to swap teams.
LIONSMr Mal 72Not bad for being #32 . The Lions have one of the best defensive fronts in the division.
PACKERSITS__Me__MarioPackers should be a team to watch Chris with this secondary and Offense should be fun to watch.
VIKINGSSkylinewppMade alot of noise in the invitational tournmanent. Expect it to transition over into league play.
BEARSRayricelawyerFamiliar with the division after having the Vikings last year. Mack should have a big year in a pass heavy division.
JETSAziatic NationBell should have a big year.
DOLPHINSTiteofCPTWillingly chose the dolphins primarily off of Salary Cap. I honestly believe they have a chance to win division.
BILLSMrLibreBills should be in good hands.
PATRIOTSDhavyd33If he can figure out how to extend Brady’s life span this team could be great for a long time .
BRONCOSBigbullyBKPMadden Underground invitational tournment champion on the xbox side. Looks to bring that winning mentality to the Broncos.
CHARGERSnappyboikChargers have the all the tools to be a contender .
RAIDERSJayloveRaider fan to the core looking to get things going this year in the league .
CHIEFSBigrob0912 Big Rob has all the tools to win this year it’s up to him to put it togehter.
COLTSsprint42One of the most passionate players in the league.
TITANSL-Run504Titans are in good hands a mentally tough player with a solid schemes.
TEXANSVBRONCOV Some say Broncos has the experience to take the Texans to the promis land.
JAGSVa Dimes With no Bmiller to stop him this could be his division to lose.
STEELERSFamous9671One of the best late picks in the draft this year. Great team .
BENGALSindefinite champThis may be the toughest division in the AFC. THe indefinite champ will have to fight.
BROWNSDa504sharkSemi Finalist in the ps4 tournament invitational already raised the expectations for his team in the league.
After moving up to get the Ravens i would expect he knows something the rest of league doesn’t .

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