Madden Underground 20 : Xbox Pro League Mock Team Draft

The Madden Underground Xbox Pro League Team Selection show will air Sunday August 11th 2pm PST/5pm ET. This is when all teams will be revealed. All players will be contacted Friday the 9th to make their team selection. Below is a mock draft of where we predict teams to fall , and every thing you need to know when picking your teams.

Pick Player Teams
1Thizzney LandRaiders
2Lethal Jimmy 13Saints
3Blaze Redskins
4lil ZaveBrowns
5Va AssassinFalcons
6Bo Sway Eagles
9Philly guyRams
10WideReCevaWoody Packers
11Red Rza Jets
12Wes Birdgang Panthers
13Dangerous Cowboys
17James Curtis Ravens
18Hen GriffeyVikings
21Va Dimes Colts
22Lanc BerkoJaguars
23Biggatron Cardinals
25Dre KnowsBengals
29Jason Hall Lions
30Fetti moe Bills
32Champagne SosaDolphins

Things to know when selecting teams

Team fee will be due at time of team selection.

Teams can be swapped during or after draft for picks and cash only no players from selected team can be involved in a team swap.

tier 4 teams get to upgrade the development of 2 players 70 or below.

Tier 3 Get to upgrade the development of 1 players 70 or below.

Team tiers and prices are below.

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