WCMPL 19 Season 3: Week 9 Power Rankings

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We have reached the half way mark of season 3 in the WCMPL. Some things never change like Brian Gardner being undefeated, but check this out Brian Gardner hasn’t lost in the regular season since week 6 of season 1. Crazy rite …. well what’s even crazier is  he has put a 30 dollar bounty on himself offering to pay the first person to beat him in regular season play.  With the Return of Va Dimes who took a season off  from Xbox league play there will be much added pressure in the NFC.  Check out where all WCMPL members rank below.

Rank Team User Record Notes
1 Giants B Gardner 8-0 Dominating the NFC as usual
2 Chargers xx Dre Knows xx 6-1 AFC West champion at the halfway mark
3 Steelers Ty Mccain 6-1 Looking to make the transition from good to great
4 Cardinals Va Dimes 6-1 The AFC East finally has a contender
5 Bills DMickens 6-2 Top 5 with a new franchise. After saying Short Texas Goon wanted no smoke he has taken the lead in the division.
6 Rams Short Texas goon 5-2 still a lock for the playoffs but the return of dimes may alter the alpha in the division
7 Bears Thizzney


5-2 The Bears have gotten off to a hot start.
8 Seahawks Cjack 5-2 Sea hawks look like a contender at the half way mark.
9 Vikings Black phoenix13 5-3 In a tight divisional race with the revamped bears.
10 Bengals Wesley Makaveli 4-3 The Champ is in position for a playoff run but no longer has the strong hold on the division.
11 Eagles Va assassin 4-3 With the return of Va dimes that makes for one less playoff spot in the NFC. Eagles have to fight
12 Titans Team Brian James 4-3 Back in the playoff conversation must fight to remain there
13 Jaguars Iluv Strugglin 4-3 AFC South has become one of the tougher divisions with a competitive colts team
14 Broncos Dr MEss 4-3 Broncos are one of the scarier teams in the league. Dominant run attack  control games.
15 Texans Spaztic Rooster 4-3 This guy is the king of mind games he will message you to distract you in key situations. Turn all notifications off when you play the Texans.
16 Colts HenGriffey 4-4 Another team that will pop you if you don’t bring your A+ game.
17 Falcons MF Golfer 3-4 Unexpected start for the falcons. Must turn things around fast
18 Packers A Dam Fool1 3-4 A Dam fool was once a MU sim league champion. Must unlock the inner dog to return to greatness.
19 Bucs Leo 3-4 The NFC South is up for grabs the Bucs have a shot to say the least but they must fight .
20 Chiefs Lethal Jimmy 3-4 Chiefs are just under 500 and a playoff run is not far fetched in the AFC West.
21 Ravens Black Ric Flair 3-4 Ravens have found them self back in the mix if they can pull of a few more wins they may make a run.
22 Browns Skunk 3-4 Slow start in Cleveland .
23 49ers 21 bandage 3-5 rough patch for the 9ers
24 Patriots Tlew 3-5 Frustration has taken it’s toll in New England.
25 Jets Philly Guy 2-5 Big expectations and bigger let downs.
26 Raiders Zave 2-5 After all the off season moves in Oakland much more was expected of the team.
27 Redskins Thndrstixx 2-5 Not going to cut it in the NFC EAST
28 Lions Zilla 2-5 lions face the Jags this week expect draft pick to improve
29 Dolphins Nasty Rod 2-5 Out of excuses in Miami.
30 Panthers Dangerous 2-5 The Panthers have been in rebuild for 2 seasons time for those moves to payoff.
31 Saints TayMillions 1-6 Saints clearly like something in the draft.
32 Cowboys Fetti Moe 0-8 Damn not even one win.

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