Madden Underground  would like to Congratulate the WCMPL 19, season 2 Champion Wesley Makaveli on his Super Bowl victory. 

After a brutal Super Bowl Loss in the WCMPL 19 season 1 Super Bowl. Wesley Makaveli  entered season 2 in search of redemption. Rumors of the NFC being the superior conference, further fueled what seemingly became an uncontrollable fire inside of Wesley.  Wesley dominated the entire season taking almost every award offered to AFC competitors.   The 2x AFC Champion desired nothing more than a chance to face off with Brian Gardner and his Undefeated Giants in the Super Bowl.  See Gardner Destroyed Wesley by 50 points in the season 1 Superbowl , so this budding rivalry had been predestined from the start of season 2.  Wesley wish became a reality after Brain Gardner dismantled the ShortTexasgoon in the NFC Championship.  The Super Bowl Kicked off and Wesley went right work hitting Gardner with a barrage of unpredictable ground attacks. Gardnder tried to fight back but the combination of focus and determination made him no match for Wesley and his fiery Bengals. Wesley Dethroned Bgard as the the WCMPL Champion and quickly took to the WCMPL forums to remind league members he was the new Alpha.  As we enter our third season of the Madden 19 year Wesley has assured us that him winning Super Bowls will be an on going thing so get used to it . 

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