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# Team User Record Notes
1 Falcons BANNERHANGER 8-0 No one has been able to slow down Matt Ryan and the Falcons all season, another Superbowl appearance appears all but certain
2 Colts AJG30Z 8-0 From not making the playoffs to leading the AFC, it appears the big free agent additions of Earl Thomas and Suh have paid off in a big way as the Colts have one of the most ferocious Defenses in the league
3 Ravens STRAPEM 5-2 Rough start to the season for Baltimore in comparison to their usual standards but with the addition of Will Fuller and the top QB in the league, Lamar Jackson, you cannot underestimate this teams chances of making another run in January
4 Redskins ASSASSIN 6-2 Assassin is one of the most skilled users in the league but the lack of weapons on offense may limit him when it comes playoff time. Will Alex Smith be able to lead a team into Atlanta and score with Matt Ryan?
5 Bears SHADYSLICK 7-1 The best running attack in league belongs to Chicago. Led by their big free agent acquisition, Tevin Coleman, who enters week 10 high in the MVP race
6 Vikings RAYRICELawyer 7-1 Coming off a great season last year, the Vikings are right back in the race with their impressive run game and defense
7 Steelers B9DAMADDENKING 5-3 Coming off a disappointing loss to the Bengals a couple weeks ago, the Steelers bounced back and took out the reigning AFC champ Baltimore Ravens. We will see if the Steel Curtain can continue their recent success into the second half of the season
8 Bengals YRGSIMBA 5-3 Everyone knows in Madden Franchise, speed is vital, and speed is what the Bengals are all about. Led by John Ross, who leads the NFL in touchdowns with 20 coming into week 10, has been one of the more dominant players in the league
9 Seahawks JDOUGLAS 6-2 Many were confused as JDoug refused to pay his players this off season and rumors of a disgruntled locker room arose, but it looks like Seattle had a plan all along as they may be the hottest team in the league
10 49ers AZIATICNATION 5-2 Another very skilled user is known for his stifling ability to defend and move the ball through the air and on the ground. He is another contender looking to knock off ATL in the NFC
11 Patriots DOTSBUM 5-2 Perhaps the upset of the season was pulled off by the Pats as they defeated the Ravens just a few weeks ago. WIll the Pats be able to continue this success into the following weeks will be interesting to see
12 Chiefs SHARD 5-3 It seems that the Chiefs are finally figuring things out offensively as they look to make a run in the weak AFC West
13 Jets LCHIZZO 5-3 One of the best defenses in the league belongs to New York, as they have survived a tough early season schedule to go 5-3. They are hopeful to make the playoffs once again in East Rutherford.
14 Broncos KINGXVX 4-3 Last season’s AFC West champ is off to a rough start and the schedule doesn’t get much easier as they have a tough match up in Indy coming in a few weeks.
15 Titans BJAMES 4-4 After winning the division last season, it does not appear to be in that cards for the Titans this season. They have been without star QB Marcus Mariota for the past few weeks though so having him back gives the Titans hope of making a Wild Card run
16 Cowboys DOUBLER 4-4 Another solid user who has the Cowboys at 500 looking to finish strong
17 Buccaneers JDIZZLE314 2-6 Has the toughest strength of schedule in the league, can only go up from here
18 Eagles POSTELLSWAGGDOUT 3-5 One of the better users in the league, but has just not been able to pull out the close ones this season. Is a team to watch carefully in the second half
19 Jaguars ITSMEMARIO 5-3 The best defensive roster in the league has the Jaguars sitting at 5-3 at the halfway point. 3 games out, the division may be out of question. But hey, at least he has a good credit score!
20 Panthers MIDASCLUTCH 3-5 Tough competitor who has had a tough schedule so far. Played ATL to one of their closest games in a long time.
21 Chargers MRLIBRE 3-4 In a spot where if they get hot, can make a run at the division and play meaningful football
22 Lions JASONHAALL10 2-5 Lions are in a tough spot as they look to turn things around in the second half
23 Dolphins KLIQRAZORSEDGE 2-5 At 2-5, Miami is 3 games out of the division lead. They must convert their opportunities against NE if they want a shot at the playoffs
24 Packers IKIDD 2-6 Already more wins then the past season, GB has made improvements even without star Aaron Rodgers, who has been out for the majority of the year with an injury
25 Bills ADRIANCONAN314 3-5 Competitive user but weapons are limited on this roster. Just gave Baltimore all they could ask for in a Week 9 thriller with a final of 45-40
26 Cardinals BIGROB 3-6 Big rob has competed as always as the Cards look to get hot with plenty of season left
27 Giants WESLEYSNYPZ 2-6 While the weapons are definitely there with Odell and Saquan, the results have not been.
28 Texans BEYERMAC 2-6 Watson and the Texans are looking for answers at 2-6 and hope to turn things around, but don’t look for that to begin next week as the Falcons are coming into town
29 Browns CHIMADE 1-6 One of the most talented rosters on the game has gone to waste as it appears to be another lost season in Cleveland for Baker and co
30 Raiders JAYLOVE 1-6 Sitting at the bottom of the AFC West, things do not look good. Although his one win did come at the hands of the Chargers in a mesmerizing 50 point beat down
31 Rams TITEOFCPT 1-6 Speaking of talented rosters going to waste…
32 Saints MRMAL 0-8 One of the better league members in Underground. At least good will come out of this lost season with potentially the number 1 overall pick next April, oh no wait, that was acquired by another NFC team in a trade earlier in the season… the Atlanta Falcons. What. A. Trade. The rich get richer.

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