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Week 8 of Season 1 is upon the  Madden Underground Xbox Sim League. Only 1 team remains unbeaten. These Rankings will reflect the huge shift in power since we last reported . A few unexpected teams have found relevance, check out the Rankings below.

Rank Team User Record News Previous Rank
1. Seahawks XX Dre Knows XX 6-0 On Fire right now. Each Andres Acosta and the Seahawks prove that sim play is light work. 3
2. Colts Black Assassin10 6-1 The Colts … Shocking right but Black Assassin has them in rare form. Dominating the AFC South. 15
3. Brown BLACKx RICxFLAIR 6-1 The Browns have been a powerful force in the AFC North. At the midway point of the season The Browns are the favorite  to win the division. 11
4. Giants Black ph03n1x13 6-1 Funny how one loss can alter every thing. Black Ph03n1x13 is still the fan favorite to win the NFC East. 1
5. Packers Skunk 5-1 S K U N K is just a couple of wins away from locking up the division. Free Lunch in the NFC North. 2
6. Panthers Farriot 5-1 Farriot is becoming a house hold name. Locking up top 10 spots in both our sim and pro league. 13
7. Falcons Big Gm James ATL 5-2 Currently #2 in the NFC South. As the playoff picture starts to become clear Falcons have to buckle down. 10
8. Rams Jhalllbrooo 5-2 Only one game behind Division Rival Seahawks. 4
9. Chargers Tay Millions 5-2 Tay Millions has been putting up crazy numbers. The Most active league member when it comes to improving personnel. Tay Millions has built a contender and his record reflects that. 5
10. Chiefs Tdotgatzby 5-2 The AFC West has been a dog fight. The Chiefs have an opportunity to move forward in the division with a win against the Broncos this week. 12
11. Saints Easy Money 4545 4-2 The NFC South playoff Race is real close. The Saints are trying to get a seat at the the grown up table when the playoffs come around. 9
12. Broncos TeamBrian James 4-3 The Broncos are just trying to make it to the by week and get health. A win against the division rival Chiefs would be huge. 8
13. Bills obuco spartacus 4-3 The Bills are leading a struggling AFC East Division. 24
14. Bears Spaztic Rooster 3-3 The Bears are playing with house money. No one expects much from them but to be 3-3 only means the Packers are not far ahead. 16
15. Texans xBLOCKxBWCx 3-4 3-4 won’t cut it when the Colts are playing lights out must win from here on out. 6
16. Bengals Bubba Keith 3-4 Not out of the playoff race keep fighting. 22
17. Vikings Thizzney land  3-4 Vikings are heading in the right direction. 28
18. Cardinals originalt49 3-4 Big win in week 7 has the Cardinals back in the hunt. 21
19 Jaguars. John Johnson 3-4 If John could just schedule his games the Jags could be a contender they definitely have the roster to compete. 18
20. Dolphins xRaven 2288x 3-4 The AFC East is in real bad shape,which is a good thing for the Dolphins they still have a chance at winning the division. 23
21. Steelers Mack diesel414 2-4 Winning is a must . 25
22. Bucs Seeger 2-4 Been a whiles since the Bucs have had a chance to taste victory. Things have to turn around soon. 17
23. Redskins Dnice 2-4 Dnice use to Dominate the NFC years ago. We need him to find his winning ways. 27
24. Lions Jigga 2-4 Jigga continues to struggle. 14
25 49ers Suge Evening 2-5 Suge make his return since distancing himself from the Raider Franchise after the loss of Khalil Mack.  With 49ers and look to turn things around. 20
26.  Titans IIDone3y 2-5 Huge drop off for the Titans. 7
27 Cowboys Shock 2-5 Shock has to lock in from here on out . 29
28. Patriots Rod D1a  2-5 Has to get it the offense going. 26
29. Eagles Bo Sway 2-5 Went from sugar to sh*t real quick. 30
30 Raiders Batman 74ever 1-5 It’s seems like Batman and the Raiders line it up every week and get mess beat out of them. No where else but up when you reach these levels of low. 19
31. Ravens Zilla 1-6 The Off thing is this guy can play. I don’t know if the infatuation with the mobile Lamar Jackson clouds his judgement or what. 32
32. Jets


Philly Guy  0-7 The Jets have become the scum of the league. Appears to be some sort of tank job here. Shows the lack of pride and dignity the team has. 31


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