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We have arrived at Week 4, of Season 1 in our Madden Underground Xbox Sim League. This group is different from  years prior. These players take great pride in the competitive aspect of the game. When you think of Sim players you often think of a batch of cry babies who can’t play or need all type of rules and guidelines to help them compete. Not these guys, players like Black Pho3n1x13 dominated the Madden Underground 19 invitational tournament. We currently have 4 unbeaten players in the league all from the NFC.  To early to tell what this all means being that it’s only week 4, but  we can’t wait to see how it all pans out. Check out the Power Rankings below.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Giants Black ph03n1x13  3-0 Black Phoenix is the Madden Underground Invitational Tournament Champion. So when you throw a player of this caliber in a league full of sim players it’s light work. Favorite to win Super Bowl although there is a lot of season left.
2. Packers Skunk 3-0 Skunk is another player who has found comfort in the Madden Underground Sim League . Dominating each opponent he come in contact with.
 3. Seahawks XX Dre Knows XX 3-0 Only Matter of Time before this #3 ranked player meets the one below him. Much anticipated match up.
 4. Rams Jhalllbrooo 3-0 Off to a great start only a matter of the time before Jason Hall runs into division rival Seahawks.
 5. Chargers Tay Millions  2-1 The most dominant forces in the AFC West. Potential to run deep into the playoffs.
 6. Texans xBLOCKxBWCx 2-1 The Texans have gotten off to a great start. Block has been on of the toughest players in the league in years past, this one is no different.
 7. Titans IIDone3y 2-1 Most improved player in the league. Slowly making a name for him self in the league.
 8. Broncos Brian James  2-1 A team fighting for their playoff life.
 9. Saints Easy Money 4545 2-1 The Saints are some what under the radar but not for long.
 10. Falcons Big Gm James ATL 2-1 Off to a great start, an Early loss to the 2-1 Saints put a slight blemish what could have been a perfect start.
 11. Browns BLACKx RICxFLAIR 2-1 One of the most consistent players in the league.  Favorite to win the AFC North.
 12. Chiefs Tdotgatzby 2-1 Chiefs are a team with alot of speed. Tdotgatzby uses each weapon on the team the right way.
 13. Panthers Farriot 2-1 Panthers look solid early in the season.
 14. Lions Jigga 2-1 Quietly winning. Above 500 early is a great start.
 15. Colts Black Assassin10 2-1 One the most active front offices in the league. Has been trying to move Franchise QB for some time now. Managed a 2-1 record to start the season quite impressive.
 16. Bears Spaztic Rooster 2-2 Managing to keep head above water. Must  game plan wiser to compete in such a tough division.
 17. Bucs Seeger 2-2 Started of hot but cooling off a bit.
 18. Jags John Johnson  1-2 One of the best teams in the AFC South. Has to improve fast
 19 Raiders Batman7 4ever  1-2 Raiders still adjusting to the loss of Khalil Mack
 20. 49ers TDOt 1-2 This guy has to start showing up.
 21. Cardinals originalt49  1-2 This Team has the tools and skills to win just has to find a way to put it together.
22. Bengals Bubba Keith 1-2 Slow start the trading of John Ross maybe slowing the team down .
 23. Dolphins xRaven 2288x  1-2 Trying to put it together.
24. Bills obuco spartacus 1-2 Bills have gotten off to a surprising slow start.
 25 Steelers Mack diesel414  1-2 Not the Start Mack Diesel was expecting. Still alot of football to be played.
 26. Patriots Rod D1a  2-2 Patriots are slowly finding a rhythm.
 27. Redskins Dnice 1-2 off  to a very slow start. Not what Redskin fan were expecting.
 28. Vikings Thizzney land   1-2 Has to get it the offense going.
 29. Cowboys Shock  0-3 Things not looking good in Dallas.
 30 Eagles Bo Sway  0-3 No Way the Eagles should be Ranked 30.
 31. Jets Philly Guy  0-3 League Sources tell us Philly Guy was last seen catching a flight to Rome. Winning is not priority right now.
 32. Ravens Zilla 0-3 The Ravens are in 0-3 but have been in almost every game they failed to win.



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