The WCMPL has reached Week 4 , in Season 1 of our Madden 19 year. Competition has been at an all time high. There are only 5 players remaining with flawless records. Va Assassin, Andres Acosta, Thunder Stixx , CJack, and Wes Johnson.  It may be to early to tell but these names may be the remaining teams fighting to represent each conference when the smoke clears. Below we have Our first edition of the WCMPL Power Rankings check it out .

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Bengals Wes Johnson  3-0 Establishing dominance in what is perceived to be one of the  leagues toughest divisions.
2. Eagles Va Assassin  3-0 Proving to be one of the most elite forces in the league.
 3. Redskins Thunder Stixx 3-0 Flying under the radar among league peers. This guy can play.
 4. Chargers XX Dre Knows XX 3-0 The AFC West is a lock for the Charger.
 5. Seahawks CJack102  3-0 The Seahawks are currently the NFC West front runners.
 6. Falcons MF Golfer 2-1 The Falcons are Ranked #6, but not for long if they don’t find a run game.
 7. Packers A Dam Fool 1 2-1 Win’s don’t come easy in the WCMPL, unless you are in the NFC North. According to league sources A Dam Fool will get a free ride to the playoffs every season if the teams in that division don’t step it up.
 8. Giants Bgard21  2-1 Top 3 talent in the league expect him to separate from the pack as season progresses.
 9. Jaguars I Luv Strugglin 2-1 The Jaguars and the hybrid defense  they bring to the table will cause head aches for opposing teams
 10. Steelers Mccain Train 21 2-1 Off to a great start. Has a chance to prove he is the real deal week 4 when he faces off with the #11 Ranked Division Rival Ravens.
 11. Ravens Va Dimes 2-1 Dimes Ranked #11 …..  The Ravens are currently Ranked not 1, not 2 , but #3 in the AFC North. A win over the Steelers could change every thing.
 12. Titans Brian James 2-1 Titans are a middle of the pack sort of team.  Needs to find a clutch gene if they want make any real noise in the league.  5
 13. Dolphins Squeaky    D marc  2-1 Dolphins look solid early in the season.
 14. Rams Bronco 2-1 NFC Force West force. This team has a lot of defensive weapons the question is will they be able to  maintain.
 15. Browns S K U N K  2-1 Another team over 500 in the AFC North. SKUNK will beat you if you don’t come prepared.
 16. 49ers Farriot 2-1 Farriot pretends to not care, but the 9ers are his favorite team and with that comes pride. The 49ers will give you a game, do not sleeep !
 17. Cowboys Shock 1-2 Off to a slow start, the stress of the front office may be impacting shocks performance.
 18. Texans Spaztic roost3r  1-2 This guy plays angry. If he can’t beat you he will message you . Many believe it’s part of his game plan or lack there of.
 19 Bills Silkcb21  1-2 Unexpected start for a team with so much potential.
 20. Vikings Xraven2288x 1-2 Slow start things must turn around asap.
 21. Saints Tsim  1-2 In a division this talented and young the saints have to bring A game every week.
 22. Panthers Dangerous2016  1-2 Slow start or and early rebuild.
 23. Cardinals Biggatron  1-2 Trying to put it together.
 24. Raiders Lil Zave 1-2 The Raiders are off to a slow start a lot of season left.
 25 Bucs Lec05010  1-2 The Bucs are looking to find something to build on.
 26. Patriots TLew 1-2 Patriots are struggling to find team chemistry.
 27. Lions Pac4ever 1-2 off  to a very slow start.
 28. Colts DISTUR8ED  KILLER  0-3 Has to get it the offense going.
 29. Chiefs Lethal Jimmy 13 0-3 Facing 0-3 Broncos best chance to get a win.
 30 Bears Thizzney


0-3 Must win game this week.
 31. Broncos Dr M3ss 0-3 Facing the 0-3 Chiefs time to fight for a win.
 32. Jets Phillyguy 0-3 Struggling to vacation and win games. Draft pick value is rising with each league advance.


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