We all have been nipping at the bit for a taste of Madden NFL 19 ratings. Check out who made Made this years 99 club.

Tom Brady 

Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. His numbers reflect just that. 96 Throw Power, 99 awareness and throw accuracy. Brady also has a 96 throw under pressure so he is not easily rattled by the blitz.

Aaron Donald 

Donald is a beast 97 strength, 98 power mover, and 99 play rec make him almost impossible to block. Donald is combination of speed and power that will make the the Rams one of the most used teams this year.

Von Miller 

Von Miller is a freak of nature. In Madden NFL 19 he comes equipped with 87 speed, 90 acceleration, 90 Agility, and 95 finesse move. This make him the perfect edge rusher. His 87 speed enables an ability drop into coverage and lurk passes.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a complete Quarterback. 99 awareness, 97 throw power, and 79 speed. Rodgers is know for his miraculous passes and unbelievable accuracy, his Madden 19 counter part is just that. The perfect Qb for a pass happy player.

Luke Kuechly

Luke Kuechly is one of the Most Dominant forces in Madden NFL 19. He possesses a 99 play recognition and awareness rating so little to nothing gets past him. Kuechly also has a 90 Block Shedding rating, and he owns 98 Tackling and 97 Pursuit rating, this all to go with a speed rating of 86 making him the prototype for a Madden inside backer.

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is the the highest rated receiver in Madden NFL 19.  Equipped with 92 speed makes him a deep threat, the 98 agility rating allows him to cut and stop on a dimes. Antonio Brown has some of the best hands in the NFL he is no different in Madden this year, a 99 rating in both Catch and Catch in Traffic, plus a  98 Spectacular Catch rating. It doesn’t end there Brown’s 98 Agility, 99 Ball Carrier Vision, 97 Elusiveness and Juke makes him a problem when ever he has the ball in his hands.

Rob Gronkowski

Gronk is the best tight end in the NFL hands down, so it is only right that he would be in Madden as well. Gronk is a complete TE  His 87 Stiff Arm, renders small corners and safeties helpless when combined with his 86 trucking. Gronkowski 94 spec catch rating,97 catch in traffic and 94 release makes him a legit pass catcher. Expect Gronkowski to be unstoppable in high point catch situations.

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