WCMPL  Season 5:  Week 14 Power Rankings

Squeak and his Chargers  land the #1 spot make him Top Dog for the time being. In a League full of alpha’s this may be temporary. Bronco Moves up to the #2 spot making him the front runner in the NFC. Check out the rest of the power rankings below.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Chargers Squeak  10-2 Top Dog, currently the favorite win the AFC.  3
2. Vikings Bronco 9-3 Making the NFC North tougher over night, Bronco moves into the #2 spot. Making him the man to beat in the NFC. 5
 3. Bills Va Assassin 9-3 The most feared, Assassin’s Bills are the most difficult team to prepare for. This week they face the punch drunk Patriots expect an XP Party in Buffalo this week.  2
 4. Bengals Dangerous 9-3 The Bengals are quietly collecting win’s. Definitely a dark horse come playoffs.  4
 5. Dolphins Chris Postel  9-3 The Dolphins are in a dog fight in the AFC East. Division counter parts are all in position to make a last minute playoff push. This week they face a new Colt Regime with Vtech at the helm. Must win this week.  24
 6. Bucs Chris “Action” Jackson 9-3 C Jack has been one of the most consistent players this season. This week will be huge, a division match up with the Saints could help in a tight division race.
 7. Jets Va Dimes 8-4 Dimes and the Jet’s have has a rare turbulent season. 8-4 isn’t bad but in the AFC East you have to be almost perfect to make the playoffs. Must win game against the Jaguars this week.
 8. Falcons MF Golfer  8-4 The playoff Race is tight. Falcons have to beat the Panthers this week.  31
 9. Eagles Wes Johnson 9-3 Eagles should be top 5 but due to the inability to follow rules suspension lands knocks them out the top 5. The time off should give them extra time to prepare for week 15-17.  14
 10. Steelers Strugglin 8-4 Big division match up with the Browns. Who actually defeated the #2 ranked Vikings. Must win game this week to stay alive in the playoff race.  10
 11. Giants Bgard 8-4 With the Eagles misfortune the Giants have an opportunity to dethrone them as division leader.  20
 12. Seahawks Lethal 7-5 Another team on the rise. The Seahawks have one of the most prolific passing attacks in the NFC. A win this  week will keep them alive in  the playoff race. Currently the #1 seed in the NFC West. Sneaky Sneaky ….  30
 13. Titans Brian James 8-5 The Titans are just trying to get a seat the table. The last 3 games will play a major role in the Titan playoff life.  18
 14. Cardinals Shift God Cole 7-5 The Cardinals are currently on the out side looking into the playoffs. A win over the 49ers this week is a  must to keep the playoff hopes alive.  25
 15. Lions Philly Guy 7-5 The Lions were the Cinderella Story of Season 4. In season 5 they have found themselves down but not out. The Rams take great pride in ruining seasons expect a dog fight this week.  9
 16. Saint T Sims 6-6 The NFC South hasn’t been nice to Saints this year. 6-6 put the Saints two games behind the Falcons and 3 behind the Buccaneers. A win this week can help.  12
 17. Bears Spaztic Rooster  6-6 “Enough is enough” said the Spaztic Rooster. Said he would be on Youtube studying the mystic spells and and money plays to get back in the hunt.  27
 18. Chiefs Skunk  6-6 The Chiefs have been dream crushing all season long.  Respected for fighting no matter what.  15
 19 Rams Tay Millions 6-6 Rams are ready for this weeks game against the Lions. Currently still alive in the playoff hunt.  23
 20. Browns Zilla  5-7 Must win game this week against the division rival Steelers.  6
 21. Raiders Lil Zave 5-7 What’s going on in Oakland one of the best rosters in the league but has yet to make a playoff push. 19
22. Packers Ty Mccain  5-7 Team you don’t want to face if your playoff hopes depend on it .  16
 23. Cowboys Fetti Mo 4-8 Turmoil continues in Dallas. Going to take alot  to turn things around  32
 24. Redskins Ny Nucca  4-8 Normally a talkative player sound like humility is becoming a reality.  5
 25 Ravens Steven Flora 4-8 Tough luck in the hard hitting AFC North.  2
 26. Jaguars Thizzney Land 4-8 Must win out !  26
 27. Colts Vtech 4-8 New Addition to the league. New Regime taking of the Colts. Hopefully Vtech can make them a contender.  22
 28. Texans Fat Boi Barker 4-9 The Texans are having a tough season. Gave up 70+ point 2 times this year. Defense has to be addressed asap.
 29. 49ers Batman 74ever  2-10 Trusting the process in San Francisco.  7
 30 Panthers Smooth 1-11 So many questions to be answered by the Panthers .
 31. Broncos DR Mess 1-11 The Broncos have been getting pummeled this season. Draft looks promising.
 32. Patriots Tlew 1-11 Terrible !!!

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