Written By Chris Dickerson
Back 2 Back ….
The Madden Underground Pro League season 3 Superbowl  was LIT!! From the NFC we had  Eddie Cain’s 49ers (14-2), the dominating force steam rolled his way through the NFC. Seahawks owner Chris Postell said “I spent 72 hours watching game film” prior to the divisional round match up,but the final score determined film wasn’t enough in a game many thought would be closer . Va Dime’s Vikings squared up with Eddie Cain’s 49ers in the NFC Championship. The Vikings have had the 49ers number, winning the last two including last year conference title game. However, the 49ers came out ready to play and 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 Sacks. Eddie Cain’s heat was too much for Va Dimes and the Purple People Eaters.
From the AFC we had Brandon Miller reigning Superbowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs. Mr. He Might go down as G.O.D, aka Mr. I wear a size 9 in fitted hats, cruised through the divisional vs Rashard Carter’s  Bengals and stomped out Va Assassins Ravens in the conference title game. The Superbowl lived up to all the hype Brandon “Banner Hanger Miller ‘s Chiefs vs Eddie Cain’s 49ers. The 49ers came out  with a great coverage scheme and took an interception to the house for an early lead of 7-0. At halftime it was tight 14-7, however in the second half the Miller’s Chiefs made great adjustments led by Eric Berry’s 4 picks, Chiefs went on to outscore the 49ers 28-7 in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Congratulation to Brandon Miller on back to back Championships, there have been reports of league chatter  saying “the AFC is weak”. However, Miller and the Chiefs are here to say “What more do you want from me” as he has done it yet again. Looking forward to the new season, there’s some fresh faces in the league looking to make a name for themselves.


Written by Chris Dickerson

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