Season 3 of the WCMPL has been nothing less than electric.


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Match up Score Notes
Squeaky D/Chargers vs  Lil Zave / Raiders 84-14 Squeak got off to a fast start and never let up. Zave posted photo’s of his revamped o line but they could not prevent an 84-14 flood.
 ADam Fool1/ Panthers vs  Zayins/ Eagles 56-21 Fool started the game with an unexpected kick off return for a touch down. Zayins  was unable to regain his composure and unraveled in a 56-21 blow out.
Chris Postell/Dolphins vs Thizzneyland /Jaguars 13-27 Thizzneyland came in as the underdog after losing to Chris and his Dolphins the week before. With every loss comes a lesson and Thizzneyland appears to be a quick learner defeating the Dolphins 27-13.
Tsims/Saints vs ShiftGodCole/Cardinals 13-23 Cole entered the game as a heavy favorite. Tsim’s refused to lay down fighting to the very end in a dog fight that finished with ShiftGod Cole as the winner .


Match up Score Notes
 SqueakyD/Chargers vs Dangerous/Bengals  40-27  Squeaky D get the job done on the road in Cincinnati. Defeating Dangerous in epic fashion. Squeak reminding the WCMPL that he is a top tier player in the league.
 A Dam Fool1/ Panthers Vs Spaztic Rooser / Bears  13-20  In what may have been the fugliest game of the season, both teams appeared to be nervous early in a game plagued with turn overs. Spaztic and his Bears scored a late touchdown to advance to the NFC Championship.
 Thizzneyland/Jaguars vs Va Dimes/Jets  14-23  Va Dimes had been screaming self proclaimed G.O.A.T talk all season long. Trying to prove his season 2 run was no fluke. Thizzneyland played solid defense but failed to execute when it mattered most. A 23 -14 Victory Advances Va Dimes to the AFC Championship.
 ShiftGodCole/Cardinals vs MF Golfer /Falcons  24-3  Nothing like friends turned opposition.  This game was a perfect case of just that. ShiftGod Cole put his foot on the neck of MF Golfer early and never let up. 24-3 would place Cole in the NFC Championship against the 15 -1 Bears.


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Match up Score Notes
 Squeaky D/Chargers vs Va Dimes/Jets  23-10  Squeaky D dominated Va Dimes for all four quarters not allowing a single offensive point from the Season 2 Champ. Squeaky D advances to the Super Bowl to represent the AFC.
 ShiftGodCole/Cardinals vs Spaztic Rooster/Bears  28-7  The NFC Championship was an early dog fight that got out due to poor reads by Spaztic Rooster. Four interceptions turned what was a close game into a 28-7 flood. ShiftGod Cole advances to represent the NFC in the WCMPL Super Bowl.


Shift God Cole Score Squeaky D Recap
 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, beard  34-23  Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, beard, outdoor and closeup  ShiftGodCole Defeats Squeaky D in 34-23 in what a dog fight early, Squeak took an early lead but Cole was able to rally back late and get the victory making him the WCMPL Season 3 champion.



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