WCMPL Season 3: Week 9 Power Rankings

Here are the Season 3 week 9 Power Rankings in the WCMPL Pro League . Spaztic Rooster has given the NFC North a face lift with an 8-0 record and  #1 ranking. New Faces in new places seem to be the theme of this Season.  Chris Postell, MF Golfer and Black Phoenix are all new members of the WCMPL top 10. With the Addition of  Shift God Cole and Da Mobb this season should be full of surprises. Check out the Full WCMPL Power Rankings below.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Bears Spaztic Rooster  8-0 The Bears are undefeated that means no league members have received  any messages during games about how lucky they are. The Bears have been quiet which means they are winning.
2. Dolphins Chris Postell 6-1 Postell is new addition to the WCMPL but has let it be known that he can ball. In a tough AFC East the dolphins aren’t to be taken lightly.
 3. Falcons MF Golfer 6-1 Golfer seems to be back to his winning ways. Off to a 6-1 start makes him the favorite to win the NFC South.
 4. Jets Va Dimes 6-2 The champ is remains in the thick of things. Va Dimes say’s ” This is the best version of his team since the league started ” that means the league should be prepared for him to make a run.  1
 5. Colts Black Phoenix  6-2 A very Competitive addition to the league. Currently Dominating the AFC south. a victory over the Buccaneers in week 9 makes him and his Colts a legit contender.
 6. Eagles Zayins 6-2 One of the Best the NFC has to offer. The Eagles have a lot to prove this season. Favorite to win the NFC East.
 7. Chargers Squeak 6-2 The Chargers are the best team in the AFC West by far but have yet to make that leap this season. After dropping a game to the 1-6 Broncos they seem to be taking a step back .
 8. Raiders Lil Zave  5-2 The Raiders seem to be great one week and sub par the next. Consistency has always been the issue.  12
 9. Bills Assassin 5-3 The Assassin is top 10 in yet another league. This may be the season if he can learn to handle hot seat situations.
 10. Bengals Dangerous 5-3 The Bengals are at the top of the AFC North. In a division known for hard hitting this team may hit the hardest.
 11. Saints Tsims 4-3 The Saints are a scrappy team. The Lack of production on the defensive side of the ball has hindered the progress of the team. Still in the playoff hunt but has address the a few internal problems
 12. Panthers AdamFool1 4-3 The Season 2 Madden Underground sim League Champion decided to bring his talents to the WCMPL.  off to a 4-3 start seems to be adjusting just as he is tied for second place in his division.  5
 13. Jaguars Thizzney Land 4-3 The Most slept on team in the AFC.. The Jags are a legit dark horse as the playoff race begins  20
 14. Giants Calbear 4-3 The Giants have been quiet but have been making an impact all season long.  14
 15. Cardinals ShiftGod Cole 4-3 The Newest Addition to the WCMPL. Cole should make his live game debut against Sim League Champion and #12 Ranked A Dam Fool in a WCMPL Game of the week match up.  10
 16. Steelers Andres Acosta 4-3 The Steelers are flying under the radar for now but expect them to make a run.  17
 17. Patriots Tlew 4-4 The Patriots are back in the hunt after knocking off  Va Assassin and smooth.  The Test will be MF Golfer in week 9.  9
 18. Cowboys Smooth  4-4 Smooth got off to a hot start but started to cool down. A few trades and a bye week should do the trick to get the Cowboys back on track.  18
 19 Redskins NyNucca  3-4 The Redskins are under 500 and looking to bounce back in a challenging match up with the Detroit Lions a must win game for both.  22
 20. Titans Brian James 3-4 A huge Division Match up vs the Jaguars may be just what the Titans need to turn things around.  16
 21. Texans Barker  3-4 The Texans Take on the #8 Ranked Raiders. The Texans have the roster to win it’s just putting the pieces together.  11
 22. Seahawks Lethal 3-4 I a division with the Newly Acquired Shift God Cole the Sea hawks will have to fight harder than ever to become relevant in the NFC West.  25
 23. Lions Philly Guy  3-4 Since the awakening of the #1 Ranked Bears the Lions have embraced the role as side kick or boot licker. The seemingly uninspired Philly Guy will be taking on a struggling Redskin team a win could turn things around.  29
 24. Bucs CJack 3-5 The Bucs can’t stop the run, find run Defense and there may be a glimmer of hope for this season.  24
 25 Browns Zilla  2-4 Disappointing start.  High expectations but season been a let down thus far.  13
 26. 49ers Jason Hall 2-6 This guy may be in over his head. NFC West is a division with well managed rosters. The neglect to 49ers may be an issue long term.  31
 27. Packers Wesley Snypz 1-6 Not a good look for the Packers. Beat down after beat down. 30
 28. Broncos Dr Mess  1-6 Searching for answers. I will say there is no quit in these guys first to schedule game every week in spite of losing record. Respect !!!!  27
 29. Rams BigGm James 1-6 Things are not looking good for the Rams  21
 30 Chiefs Skunk 1-7 The chiefs are on a downward spiral.  32
 31. Vikings Da Mobb 1-7 In the hunt for the #1 pick  26
 32. Ravens Steven flora 0-7 The Ravens are also in the hunt or the #1 pick  28

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