MU PS4 Pro League : Week 8 Power Rankings


Here are the Season 1 week 8 Power Rankings in the Madden Underground Pro League . Banner Hanger has taken the #1 spot check out who has risen and fallen this week below.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Chiefs Banner Hanger  7-0 #1 for a reason all it takes is one series to realize it will be a long game.  3
2. Seahawks Chris Postel 6-0 The best defense in the league. Clearly one of  the best team in the NFC . Scheduled to play Texans should be a breeze big fella.  4
 3. 49ers Ky Jellyman 6-1 Ky Jellyman need i say more the name alone has a Nasty Nate feel to it. Explosive offense scoring nearly 300 points in a 7 game span.  9
 4. Cardinals Big Rob 6-1 Big Rob has been kicking ass and taking names. NFC West by far the best division in the League 3 of the leagues top 5 players are in this division.  1
 5. Ravens Assassin  6-1 Top 5 in both xbox and ps4 is major accomplishment for a passionate player like Assassin. A win this week will further improve that climb to the top.  7
 6. Vikings Va Dmes 6-1 Dimes had a slice of humble pie after receiving losses from Assassin on both xbox on ps4. Expect him to humiliate this weeks opponent.  2
 7. Falcons Btown Legend 5-1 The Falcons are rolling. The most slept on of the winning teams of the league. Keep up the good work.  6
 8. Jets Brian James 5-2 Leading the AFC West by 1 game a win this week could keep the jets ahead. Must win game.  12
 9. Jaguars Alleyezonme 5-2 The team to beat in the AFC South. A win this week could be major.  10
 10. Bengals Shard  4-2 The Bengals are on pace to make a run for the division title Assassin better watch out.
 11. Cowboys Adam Yusuf 4-2 The most hated team and possibly member of the league . The Cowboys have stood there ground thus far. The NFC East belongs the to Dallas. The rest of the division seems to be sub par.
 12. Titans Weavo 4-3 The Titans are still in the hunt. Much needed bye week to better prepare for the Ravens.
 13. Browns Fetti 4-3 The Browns Owner quit have his pure hatred of ps4. But Fetti is no punk sure to get those Browns Rolling expect a play race in the North.
 14. Panthers Gamerman3000 4-3 Panthers are a team to watch .
 15. Chargers Double R  4-3 Chargers are still in the hunt. A win over the Patriots could be big this week.
 16. Patriots Kliq

Razors Edge

 4-3 A win here could alter the AFC East. Must win game for the Patriots.
 17. Saints AJG30z 3-3 The NFC South is wide open. The Saints are still in the playoff hunt.
 18. Redskins Lo-key  3-3 The Redskins are in one of the softer divisions. If you can’t win here chances are you won’t win out side of it. Must win game against the Cowboys.
 19 Lions AFC Top Dogg  2-4 Detroit is struggling right now but a win can change every thing .
 20. Bills Wesley Snypz 2-4 Bills look bad ! no other way to put it .
 21. Eagles Biggoog  2-5 2-5 won’t cut it in the NFC East.
 22. Steelers B9 2-5 Steelers are too good to have a record this bad. B9 is a former champion disappointing.  —
 23. Colts TiteofCpt  2-5 Alot of work to be done in indy.
 24. Dolphins Jactown Sticks  79 2-5 Dolphins have an up hill battle facing the Ravens won’t make thing easier.
 25 Giants MR.Mal 2-5 Giants having a rough go of it. Time to go back to the drawing board and figure out what has gone wrong.
 26. Bucs Aziatic Nation


2-5 New owner of the Bucs off to a good start in a division that is still wide open.
 27. Broncos SupermanRko  1-5 You either want it or you don’t. The Broncos don’t want it bad enough.
 28. Rams MidasClutch 1-6 Searching for answers. The worst team in the NFC West.
 29. Raiders Its me Mario 1-6 Fire Sale in Oakland poor fit may want to switch teams and division at the end of this season.
 30 Packers Dats me kelvin 92  1-6 Packers have not shown up. Literally has not shown up. Get it together.
 31. Bears Jdouglas 1-6 ??????
 32. Texans Jay Love 0-6 The Texans have been Missing In Action.


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  1. where are the leagues games played? Is it online or a sports bar…and how can I get my name on the list next season….Will

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