Here are the Season 1 week 7 Power Rankings in the WCMPL Pro League . Ranking are updated every Monday morning, and will change as the season progresses. A lot has  happen since our last Power Monday. Teams like the Giants, Chiefs, and Bucs have fallen, and teams like the Bills, Cardinals, and Jets have risen. Check out the moves below.


Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Bills Va Assassin  5-0 Assassin has proven his Bills are the team to beat .  Assassin is undefeated at the moment the question is will he remain that way ?  4
2. Cardinals Ryan Jerome 5-1 Ryan Jerome has been the Cinderella story this year. A 5-1 start is quite impressive, Cardinals are the Favorite to win the NFC West. 6
 3. Jets Va Dimes 5-1 The Jets are hungry making moves in the front office and on the grid iron.  8
 4. Chiefs Skunk 5-1 Chiefs are a force in the AFC West. With extraordinary run game expect them to run in to the playoffs.  1
 5. Bengals Dangerous  5-1 Dangerous and the Bengals are a problem. Favorite to win the North.  2
 6. Browns Zilla 4-2 Put Some Respect on my name. Zilla has the Dog Pound Barking. Titans game should be a breeze according to the stats.  7
 7. Giants Cal Bear 4-2 Only a matter of time before Cal bear does Cal Bear like things .After taking 2 L’s that time may be in the near future. Trade a lot of core pieces may hurt the team in the long run.  3
 8. Raiders Lil Zave  4-2 The Raiders seem to be great one week and sub par the next. Consistency is major.  12
 9. Eagles Wes 4-2  After a 1-2 start the Raiders seem to be in mid season form. With the Giants stinking up the NFC East now is a great time to take that #1 spot in the division.  19
 10. Titans Brian James 4-2 Titans are still obviously soul searching but are getting young by the day. Young Weapons are being developed let’s just call them a work in progress.  15
 11. Rams Big Gm James 4-2 What a difference a week makes. Last week the Rams were Ranked #23 in the League. A few trades later and not they are a contender.  23
 12. Bucs Chris Jackson 4-2 The Bucs may have been higher on this list had he not participated in the Challenger event in Vegas. Went 3-0 in a round robin that included a VTech.  5
 13. Redskins Dnice 3-2 Redskin are actually in the hunt in a very tight NFC East playoff race.  Redskins knocked off the undefeated Chiefs.  20
 14. Saints Tsims 3-2 T sims has the Saints rolling.  14
 15. Texans Fat boi Barker 3-3 Sorting every thing out  after loss to the Browns.  10
 16. Bears Spaztic Rooster 3-3 The Bears are a team that can catch fire at any given time. Expect them to show out this week.  17
 17. Chargers Squeak 3-3 Squeak and the Chargers are still learning each other.  The Chargers should bounce back this week in a trap game vs Broncos.  9
 18. Ravens Silk  3-3 Ravens are maintaining still at the #18 spot.  18
 19 Colts Trey4life  3-3 Colts are one or 2 players away . Could have easily be 4-2 had it not been for special teams.  22
 20. Seahawks Lethal 2-3 Lack of oline and wrs are taking it’s toll.  16
 21. Falcons MF Golfer  2-3 Golfer and the Falcons are sleep. Best personnel in the league should have more win’s .  11
 22. Cowboys Xman 2-3 Cowboys not looking to hot best line in the league but numbers don’t show it .  25
 23.  Broncos Dr Mess  2-3 Broncos may be one of the most dangerous team in the league.Faced off with the best players in the league, and either beat them or gave them a run for they money. Facing off with division rival Chargers this week should be a great game.  29
 24. Panthers Blaze 2-4 Blaze won’t be at his best until the off season.  24
 25 Steelers Andres Acosta  2-4 Disappointing start.  High expectations but season been a let down thus far.  13
 26. Vikings Tommie Griffin 2-4 Missed a few games due the storm. Could be a problem moving forward.  31
 27. Dolphins Farriot 2-4 Trouble in Miami, face off with the #3 Jet’s this week could be ugly. 30
 28. Jaguars Thizzney Land  1-5 Searching for answers.  27
 29. 49ers Tdot 1-5 No Effort in the bay.  21
 30 Patriots TLew 1-5 The Patriots may need life alert.  32
 31. Lions Philly Guy


0-6 In the hunt for the #1 pick  26
 32. Packers Cody Jones 0-6 The packers can’t lose every game or can they ?  28

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