Power Monday: MU Pro League Power Rankings

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Here are the Season 1 week 4 Power Rankings in the Madden Underground Pro League . Ranking are updated every Monday morning, and will change as the season progresses. We have a few new faces in the top 10, the question is will these guys be able to maintain the newly found success.

Rank Team User Record News  Previous Rank
 1. Cardinals Big Rob  3-0 Big Rob and his Cardinals have scored 157 point in a 3 game span. #1 spot for sure for the time being
2. Vikings Va Dimes 3-0 The Vikings look hungry. Over 120 points scored in 3 games Dimes ain’t playing. One of the few players who have heat on the defensive side of the ball so turnovers happen often.
 3. Chiefs BMiller 3-0 The Chiefs are Hell !
 4. SeaHawks Chris Postell 3-0 The Seahawks are on to something. Taking on the Colts this week expect a victory.
 5. Browns Skunk  3-0 Top 5 in 3 Madden Underground Leagues. Skunks and his Browns are definitely making noise this year.
 6. Falcons Btown Legend 3-0 The Falcons sit down among the elite. The Btownlegend may be the most unexpected undefeated team in the league. Keep up the good work.
 7. Ravens Va assassin 2-1 Assassin wants to be be great expect the Ravens to make a push in the up coming weeks.
 8. Chargers DoubleR  2-1 Join the League Late and made an instant impact. Chargers are in the hunt for sure.
 9. 49ers Ky Jelly Man 2-1 The 9ers are off to an amazing start don’t sleep on them. In the Shadows of division counter parts but still on pace for a great season.
 10. Jaguars All Eyes on me  2-1 The Jaguars are focused. The Jags are the favorite to come out of the AFC South.
 11. Dolphins Charles Jones 2-1 The Dolphins Secured the #11 spot after beating division Rival Jets.
 12. Jets Brian James 2-1 The Jets have focused on Defense to compensate for Lack of offense. That focus has only allowed 20 points in 3 games.
 13. Redskins Lo key 2-1 The Redskins at the Top of the NFC East.  The question will they be able to hold on to that that top spot ?
 14. patriots Seth Markley 2-1 Patriots have proven they are one o the most competitive teams in the league .
 15. Benagals Shard  2-1 The Bengals have put up the 90 points in 3 games.
 16. Cowyboys Gohan  2-1 Fighting for a playoff birth.
 17. Bills Wesley Snypz 2-1 Bills looking for a way to make an impact on the AFC East .
 18. Rams Trace Talented  1-2 Rams still in the hunt. The rams are still trying to find they way in NFC West.
 19 Lions AFC Top Dogg  1-2 Detroit is struggling right now but a win can change every thing .
 20. Titans Weavo 1-2 The Titans are off to a slow start but expect things to pick up fast for them. 
 21. Eagles Biggoog  1-2 The Eagle are off to a slow start expect more in the upcoming weeks.
 22. Panthers Gamerman3000 1-2 The Panthers have been missing for a few weeks due to the storm. But Gamerman3000 and his Panthers are prepared to me make a run .  —
 23. Steelers B9  1-2 Steelers are off to a slow start but that could change any second.
 24. Bears Jdouglas 1-2 Living in the Shadow of the Vikings. A win could turn things in the right directions.
 25 Colts TiteofCPT  1-2 Disappointing start for the colts. The AFC South is wide open time to buckle down.
 26. Lions Super


0-3 One of the better 0-3 teams this week against the Raiders is a huge game.
 27. Saints AJG30z  0-3 A Long Season plenty time to turn things around.
 28. Packers DatMe Kelvin92  0-3 Searching for answers.
 29. Giants MRMal72 0-3 If the Giants focus in they have the talent to make a run.
 30 Texans JayLove  0-3 This is a huge week don’t want to fall to 0-4
 31. Bucs DrewEvo


0-3 Time focus in and get  a victory.
 32. Raiders Itsme MArio  0-3 The Raiders have only scored 23 points in 3 games , while allowing 97 points.


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