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Here are the Power Rankings going into the Madden Underground Ps4 Pro League Season. Ranking will be updated every Monday morning, and will change as the season progresses. Last update 2/27/17.

Rank Team User Record/Notes
 1.  Ravens  Va Dimes 9-0 : There is only one way to the bowl and thats through Dime and his Ravens.
 2.  Panthers Sicwitit 9-0 : Former Super Bowl Champion looking to get his title back.
 3. Chiefs Bannerhanger 8-1 : Top 5 every season.
 4. Jags  Chizzy 8-1 : Possibly the most passionate and hungry dude in the league. Stirs up controversy but Chizzy can play and the 8-1 record states just that.
 5.  Vikings  LA _Weevo 7-2: Weevo has gotten the hang of being a General Manager. Team is clicking on all cylinders.
 6.  Jets  GAMERMAN3000 7-2: The Jets have quietly been whipping ass and taking names. The Kid can play a great addition to the league.
 7.  Eagles Ky Jellyman  8-2: The Eagles have taken full control of a other wise soft division.
 8.  Cardinals  Postellswaggdout 7-2 : The Cards have been Doing a number on the NFC West.
 9.  Steelers DOUBLE_R  7-2: The Steelers are one of the most consistent teams in the league.
 10 Broncos Stevens Jones  6-3 : Quickly changing the culture of a not so great Bronco organization. This young man may have what it takes to make a playoff push.
 11. Titans  MADDENPLAYERS  6-3 : The Titans are in the mix. 2 games behind the division leading jags, alot of football left to play.
 12.  Bucs  C-WHITE85  6-3: Solid team still in the hunt.
 13. Cowboys FettI mo  5-4 : 2 games behind the division leading Eagles still has a chance to make playoffs or win the division.
 14. Bills ITS__ME__MARIO  5-4: 2 games behind the Division leading Jets. a win this week could be huge.
 15. Patriots AJG30Z  5-5 : in a tight Division race still in the mix.
 16.  Lions sHARD007 5-4 : Looking for answers before it’s 2 late to make playoffs.
 17. Dolphins bjames129 5:4 : above .500 but only time well how things will pan out.
 18 Browns ALLEYEZONME505 4-5 : No easy win’s in this division can’t fault the browns.
 19  Rams aziatic nation  4-5: as of late been known more for his trash talk.
 20 Seahawks HOTWORK68  4-5 : Under .500 in the NFC west say’s alot.
 21 Falcons big rob  4-5: The NFC South is quietly filled with competition. Falcons are struggling but should pull it together late.
 22  Raiders Jay love 3-8: Oakland still fighting but it was has to hard on the Raider Fans.
 23  Packers Lethal Jimmy 3-7 : clearly a case of a player being uninspired.
 24  Chargers Jdouglas  2-7 : Jdouglas was a force in Season 1 a huge drop off since then.
 25 Saints MIDASCLUTCH  2-8: Huge drop off for the once playoff contenders.
 26  Giants CoachSweat  2-7 : went out of town for a while but he returns this week.
 27 Colts ANDREWKR3W  2-7:  Trouble in Indy
 28 Texans MrMal  1-8 : Got his first win last week. Take it one week at a time.
 29 Bears MIKEJ TRES


 1-8: The Bears are not that good off season may help.
 30  49ers killae94  1-8 Another Bad Team hard to say it’s the scheme or the team.


0-9: Draft picks will be Valuable may be able to improve roster with early picks.
 32 Redskins  TITEOFCPT 0-9: The Redskins are the most positive 0-9 team i have ever witnessed. They keep pushing positive reinforcement each week.

Updated 2-27-17

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