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Chris “The Assassin” Goodman is becoming a force in the Madden Community. Currently dominating in the State of Virginia. Taking back to back Titles in his home state in tournaments hosted by Insane Gamers Battle Circuit and Live Ambitions. Assassin seems to more focused thane ever before.

World Gaming hosted a Super Bowl Madden Series Tournament that gave players the opportunity to win 10k in cash and prizes. Assassin saw this as an opportunity to get a buzz going and make some quick cash in the process. The Assassin started off on the regular Qualifying Brackets in which he won to earn a spot in the Semi-Finals Bracket. With this bracket the top 2 from 4 brackets would advance to the Finals the next day. Finals consisted of 8 of the best players who qualified in their respective bracket. All you had to do was win three games and you win $3K . Assassin had his eyes on the prizes as he locked in. His first game he jumped off to an early lead thinking he had under control but his opponent bounced back and took the lead which led to Assassin having to lock up and create a drive to win the game. His 2nd game was against a OG Madden Player Chitown Neph. Assassin refused to take this game lightly as he cruised to a big win to send him to the championship. In the championship game Assassin took an early 6-0 lead, but later found himself behind 14-6 after a few quick turnovers. The Assassin was down but not out as he began to play smart football. Assassin took the lead late in the 4th and sealed the game with a goal line stand to win it all. Assassin walks way with $3K and will be known as the World Gaming Xbox One Madden Superbowl Champion. With a few more Ea events coming up if Assassin Can Qualify he will be a powerful force moving forward.

Check out a video Profile on Chris Goodman powered by Insane Gamers Battle Circuit LLC

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