WCMPL Season 1 Playoff Preview 

Wildcard Weekend

The Playoffs are here!  The first season of Madden 17 didn’t disappoint.  We saw records fall, the rise of some to stardom, coaches fired, and scandals.  And now that the dust has settled, there are 12 teams vying for the vaunted Lombardi Trophy.

#3 Falcons vs #6 Saints

(MF Golfer Vs Farriot)

Julio’s Revenge……..Week 17 was rivalry week in the WCMPL.  It was also a time of injuries that could prove to shift the outcome of the playoffs.  It was in Week 17 that Julio Jones suffered what could have been a season ending injury.  Not being able to play the majority of the season finale showed how devastating his injury could have been.  The Saints defense and run game powered them to victory, and a first round matchup against the Falcons again.  What makes this matchup the game of the week isn’t just the division rivalry, it’s the classic game time matchup.  Offense versus Defense.  The Falcons are #1 in Total yards, Passing yards, and Points scored.  The Saints are #1 in Total Defensive yards, 5th against the pass, 1st against the run, and 4th in Points allowed.  The Falcons proved themselves to be 3 – 4 against playoff opponents, where the Saints were 3 – 2.  Home field advantage will be critical in this winner take all matchup.  Falcons (-7) are favored to win and advance to the next round.

#4 Seahawks vs #5 Cowboys

(Strugglin vs Balkino66)

The over/under on desyncs is (-4)…….Connection issues aside, this matchup will influence the NFC playoff tree.  Both teams were playoff teams prior to the start of the season, and both teams struggled against playoff opponents.  The Seahawks were 2 – 4 against teams, where the Cowboys were 0 – 4.  Luckily, they play each other in the first round.  The Seahawks struggled on offense.  Taking after their coach, Coach Strugglin, they were 27th in Total yards, 29th in passing, and 16th in rushing.  Defensively they struggled too:  17th in total yards and 18th against the pass.  With a star studded defensive team AND a defensive minded coach, these numbers are inexcusable.  The Cowboys, on the other hand, stayed true to their team strength.  They were 2nd in rushing.  Surprisingly the Cowboys were 9th in total defensive yards, and 7th against the pass.  Home field advantage has to play a factor for the Seahawks to win.  Inclement weather will be key in this matchup for a struggling Seahawks offense.  Look for the Cowboys to win (-3) and advance to the next round based on their premier rushing attack and better defense.

#3 Bills vs #6 Broncos

(Lilzave VS Shock)

First one to 50..……..The Bills can score with the best of them.  3rd in total yards, 9th in passing, 3rd in rushing, and 6th in points.  The potency of the Bills offensive attack is reminiscent of their multiple Super Bowl runs in the late 80’s early 90’s.  The Broncos are fresh off of winning the Super bowl (real life), and have all the weapons you need on offense and defense.  All they needed was a quarterback.  What they got was a HOF coach who failed to emphasize the importance of defense being the key to championships.  The Broncos are 25th in total defense.  25th against the pass, 23rd against the run, and 23rd in points allowed.  Having the 8th best rushing attack means they’ll have to slow the game down just to have a chance at victory.  The only problem is, the Bills defense was 7th against the run.  The Broncos are also 1 – 4 against playoff teams, where the Bills boast a 2 – 2 record.  Home field advantage will be irrelevant in this winner take all matchup.  It’s all about matchups, and unfortunately the Broncos are on the wrong side of the matchup.  Bills (-14) are favored to win and advance to the next round.

#4 Titans vs #5 Dolphins

(TeamBrianJames Vs The Farriots)

No Miracles in Music City…….These two teams have met before during the regular season.  The Dolphins emerged victorious.  With the 8th best defense in yards, being 8th best against the pass, 12th best against the run, and 5th best in points allowed, odds are that the Dolphins should win the game as handily as they did before.  With a passing attack ranked 5th in the league, and a rushing attack ranked a dismal 31st, the Dolphins know they have to air it out against the Titans porous 28th ranked pass defense. Another advantage is the Dolphins pass defense against the Titans 28th ranked passing offense.  With so many numbers clearly in the Dolphins favor, how can the Titans win this game? Ground and pound!  Where the Titans are the most formidable, is in the running game.  They have the #1 rushing attack in the league.  What also works in their favor, is that the Dolphins have a history of losing in the playoffs.  That may not be in the WCMPL, but Madden 17 has probably factored that into the equation for victory.  The weather conditions will play a huge part in determining the winner.  Bad weather favors the Titans, good weather favors the Dolphins.  This game is clearly a PUSH, so look for the weather to tell you what to expect on gameday.

Written by Phillyguy

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