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We last reported, TrainedToGo eSports opened its doors to the Madden Community signing  Madden Pro’s  Randy “Bronco” Chatterton and Taylor “Highlight” Robinson (formerly known as Bibleman). Looking to bolster their lineup for the upcoming Madden year, TTG eSports has added seven new players to their agency. The following players have officially signed:

Mychael “TRaww” Morales (Twitter: @T_2RAWW)
Lionel “Imwild” Roberts Jr. (Twitter: @yungbake7)
Carl “Smooth” Allen (Twitter: @datmansmooth29)
Mark “Schemin” Samuels Jr. (Twitter: @X3Schemin4x)
John “IndefinateChamp” Johnson (Twitter: @IndefinateChamp)
Kyle “Drag” Riederer  (Twitter: @drag_emb)
Chris “Assassin” Goodman (Twitter: @7Ass5ssin7)

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TrainedToGo has grabbed a lineup of veterans and newcomers all looking to make a splash in Madden 17. Mychael “TRaww” Morales is one of the most notable of the group as he is the one and only MUT Invitational Champion who beat Cam Newton on a national stage in 2015 and one of the top streamers in Madden. Recently, the man to make a name for himself on a national level is Lionel “Imwild” Roberts Jr. who finished in the final four at the Madden 16 Championship which was aired on ESPN2. However, with the newly announced $1 million pro circuit announced by EA Sports at Eaplay 2016, look for any of these guys to shock the nation!

For more information and updates from the players themselves, you can follow them on their Twitter pages and also follow TrainedToGo eSports on Twitter @ttgesports 



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