New Legends Rice and Taylor for Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team

The Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) Legends program commemorates the outstanding careers of some of the NFL’s greatest athletes.

Each Saturday, you can find five Collectible Items that are themed around a specific player. The Position Collectible (no auction/no trade) is available from a Solo Challenge, and the other four (auctionable/tradable) are found in Packs.

Add these five Collectibles to that player’s Legend Set along with some Legends Badge Collectibles, and you’ll earn a Coin reward and a terrific player to upgrade your MUT team.

This weekends new Legends can also be found in Maddens Draft Champions Mode STARTING NOW! Draft on!

Lawrence Taylor, ROLB – Giants
1990: Taylor was a veteran leader on a Giants team that ranked 1st in points against and won the Super Bowl.

JERRY RICE, WR – 49ers
1987: Rice led the league with 23 total touchdowns despite only playing in 12 games.  This more than doubled 2nd place of 11 touchdowns.


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