It’s that time of year again where a chilly air blasts through Madden Ultimate Team! Friday Morning you’ll log in to Madden Ultimate Team and find things a bit….FROZEN OVER. Madden Ultimate FREEZE is here and features some of the MUT Communities favorite programs from Season Past.

New Badges and Collectibles will be introduced that will be quintessential in earning Ultimate Freezes BEST ITEMS!

Ghosts of Madden Past, Present, and FUTURE make their return to Ultimate Team! Find and earn great players from past Football Greatness, Current NFL Success and Future Potential!

Out of Position Players, another community favorite, will also make their return to ULTIMATE FREEZE! You’ll be able to run some of your favorite players out of their natural position and have some pretty spectacular results. Look for these player in a position they actually used to play in College, High School, or for a few plays in the pros.

New Ultimate Freeze Sets where you are able to earn Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future along with a whole new Solo Challenge Arctic Rush will be adding more new and new events to experience!

Bo Jackson is BACK and is Ultimate Teams FIRST 99 OVERALL rated playing in MUT ’16. Bo lit up the field and was sidelined before his time! Relive his greatness and excitement by completing THE ULTIMATE Set! Bring together all pieces of the the Ultimate Freeze Program and earn the most dominant player on the field.

Other Holiday Presents and Surprises may be found in Ultimate Freeze, but you’ll have to curl up in front of your console to find out what!

Welcome to the Ultimate Freeze!

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