Part 3 of our Madden NFL Live 4 part O1 Trap series, continues with Host Adam Rank of Madden NFL Live. Madden NFL Live now streams on and Twitch Friday at 12 Noon Est, and airs on NFL Network on Saturday at 12 Noon Est.

nfl liveeeee

Adam Rank gave us a great interview, found out he was Corona California native, and has a great love and passion for sports.Adam also made it no secret that he was looking to improve his skill level with Madden 16. Who better to help him than the subject matter experts from Madden Underground? After sharing a few “industry secrets” with Adam, we saw firsthand how to deliver an interview after 4 hours of filming. Like so many of us, he has a loyalty to and playing with his favorite team. And even though he claimed to be a casual Madden player, Adam was extremely knowledgeable of what it takes to be an “elite” madden baller.


Stay Tuned for more of our Weekly 01 Trap Series with Madden NFL Live

December 14th:  Dylan Milner






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